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Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin? – Easy Ways to Color Resin

Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin

  Color plays a pivotal role in so many aspects of life. Color can bring an event like a wedding together, it can cause you to fall in love with an outfit, color can cause you to buy a car that falls well outside your budget, color can even make other colors pop. In terms […]

Deck Paint vs. Stain – How to Choose a Finish for Exterior Wood

Deck Paint vs. Stain

  There are few things that really add to both the value and overall aesthetic of a home these days, but exterior decks tend to do just this. After all, what’s not to like? Spending lazy Sunday afternoons out on them with your family or enjoying some late-night stargazing on those late summer nights next […]

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry? – Spray Paint Cure Times

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry

  In today’s modern living, everything must be instant, which is why spray paint is so popular, because it dries so much faster than most other paints. However, factors such as the type of spray paint you are using, atmospheric conditions, and the thickness of your paint layer can all affect drying time. This is […]

How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin – Epoxy Bubble Buster Tips

How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

  Resin is an exciting material to work with, and there are so many projects you can do using resin from making river tables, jewelry, forms and shapes like stars or hearts, coasters, flower pots, pen holders, and even tabletops to list just a few of the possibilities. Sadly, when you have worked hard mixing, […]

Best Food-Safe Glue – Non-Toxic Adhesives for Food Contact

Best Food Safe Glue

  Glue makes your life and the lives of those around you so much easier. The best thing about it is that you don’t even know it’s there, but it’s always working to literally keep your world together. The circuit board inside your smartphone? Held together with silicone glue. That awesome pair of shoes that you got […]

How to Remove Lacquer From Wood – Tips for Stripping Varnish Easily

How to Remove Lacquer from Wood

  These days, there are loads of ways to go about protecting your surfaces from external forces like wind, rain, or intense heat during those harsh summer months. Some of the most popular ways to protect wooden surfaces in particular are by applying oil-based paints, acrylic paints, epoxy resin coatings, and for those who prefer […]

Best Glue for Felt – Recommended Methods and Products for Gluing Felt

Best Glue for Felt

  These days we have loads of cool materials that make our lives easier and are far more environmentally friendly than ones we used previously. We didn’t always have these eco-friendly options though, and before the advent of materials like resin and synthetic polymers we pretty much had to make do with what we had. […]