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Resin Expert was founded in 2018 because we hardly found any information on the subject of epoxy resin on the Internet back in the day. At that time, there was little info on this new type of material, especially on processing and the application for various projects.

Therefore, the idea was born to launch a comprehensive information website on the subject of resin/epoxy resin and share our findings with our large readership.

In the meantime, resin-expert.com not only offers more information about resin but has evolved into an online magazine with information about surface processing and treatment. We offer information on the topic of paints, stains, varnishes and glue.

Even as an advanced craftsman or artist, you will always find great tips and inspiration for new projects on our blog. To keep you up to date, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or join our Facebook group.

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What we Cover


Resin Coffee Table Step 5a

Epoxy Resin Guides

Resin is one of the most fascinating and widely usable materials. We offer you inspirational posts for fun and easy projects, a wide variety of resin tutorials, and have you covered with buying guides and a helpful resin calculator.


Types of paint

Painting Guides

The world of painting is a huge field with many types of different paints. With our painting guides, we show you how to paint all areas in and around your house and garden, and give you expert advice on which paint to use, in combination with in-depth how-to’s and buying guides.


Clear Glue on Plastic Pipe

Gluing Guides

Glue can be used for much more than just repairing broken things. It is being used for your DIY work at home – may it be to glue on wall panels, floors, or a lot of outdoor projects. You’ll learn which type of glue works best for your project, what are the Pros and Cons of each product and detailed gluing guides on how to achieve the best possible results.



Meet the Team of Resin Expert

Find out who writes for resin-expert.com and what their respective topics and expertise are.


Aiden van Schoor – Contributing Editor

aiden van schoor

Aiden van Schoor has been a researcher and content writer for Resin Expert for three years. He has produced articles detailing the intricacies and applications of epoxy resin, paint formulas, thermoplastics, properties of materials, and food-safe materials, as well as DIY repair and crafting tutorials. Aiden holds a BA Degree in Journalism and Media, as well as a national diploma in mechanical engineering.


Aiden Green – Contributing Editor

aiden green

With four years of DIY and writing experience under his belt, Aiden Green has been one of the key contributors to Resin Expert’s content. He educates himself to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and new materials and techniques on the market. With an unconditional love for various art forms such as writing, painting, charcoal drawing, and graffiti, Aiden has found himself at the final avenue of his professional life. Thus dedicating himself to providing excellent written content for the DIY and art industries.


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