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aiden van schoorBackground and Experience

Aiden hails from a family whose expertise ranges from chemical engineering to mechanical engineering, carpentry, tailoring, and even professional drag racing. He spends much of his free time playing with his dog, riding his motorcycle, helping his best friend fix up old cars and bikes, and exploring the city with his cousin.

He spent most of his childhood inside his father’s garage learning about the properties of metals and wood, how different tools work, longboarding, and reading everything he could get his hands on. His passion for the written word has led him to write for numerous publications, and he has written hundreds of articles for Faesler Media and its various subsidiaries.


Aiden van Schoor’s Role at Resin Expert

Aiden has been a researcher and content writer for for three years. He has produced articles detailing the intricacies and applications of epoxy resin, paint formulas, thermoplastics, properties of materials, and food-safe materials, as well as DIY repair and crafting tutorials.

Aside from resin and thermoplastics, Aiden has dabbled in content surrounding interior design, pyrography, dendrology, historical landmarks, bowhunting, and metallurgy. This extensive variation of content has allowed him to expand his knowledge base, something which he thoroughly enjoys and constantly seeks to improve.



Aiden holds a BA Degree in Journalism and Media, as well as a national diploma in mechanical engineering. He has trained extensively in visual artistry throughout his early schooling career, creating everything from portraits to pop art, to installation art pieces.


In the Media

Aiden has written for several publications including, Lady Luck Magazine, Genesis Pharmaceuticals, and a few other independent media publications as a ghostwriter.


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