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Aiden was born and raised in sunny Cape Town, South Africa, where he has gathered experience in the IT, iGaming, and education sectors. However, much of his background always encompassed his love for literature and DIY, ultimately leading him to hone his craft as an exceptional writer.

With an unconditional love for various art forms such as writing, painting, charcoal drawing, and graffiti, Aiden has found himself at the final avenue of his professional life. Thus dedicating himself to providing excellent written content for the DIY and art industries.


Aiden Green’s Role at Resin Expert

With four years of DIY and writing experience under his belt, Aiden Green has been one of the key contributors to Resin Expert’s content. He educates himself to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and new materials and techniques on the market.

His experience with Resin Expert has been nothing short of phenomenal as he strives to produce accurate and helpful content to help others achieve the best results with their respective DIY projects. This includes various segments regarding woodwork, various tools and materials, home repairs, and so on.



Aiden holds multiple certifications in various fields, most notably in IT and ESL (English as a second language). He is currently pursuing a diploma in photography which he plans to use to produce better content.


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