Best Silicone Molds for Resin – Complete Buying Guide

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Plastic has revolutionized most industries, and this includes the plastic resins that make numerous items that we all use every day. From tools to toys, even handguns. The best silicone molds for resin are our topic today so that you can get the best result from your resin mold project. We shall discuss the various silicone resin molds, or resin art molds available on the market and when the time is right to use either a small or large resin mold. Keep reading for the most extensive and inclusive information on epoxy molds, molds for resin.

Best Silicone Molds for Resin



Key Takeaways

Our resin expert’s advice when buying resin molds:

  • Silicone molds are the most durable types of molds for resin.
  • Make sure to buy silicon molds with a polished surface, which helps to unmold your casting easier.
  • Find below our top molds for different forms and projects.


What Are the Best Resin Molds?

Epoxy Mold forms are available in various fun shapes that you can use to make resin castings. There are numerous silicone molds for resin on the market, small and large resin molds, but not all of them are created equal in the practical and aesthetic sense. Here are our best recommendations.

Molds for Resin


Our Top Recommendation for Variety Molds: CROWNMADE Mini Geode Resin Molds

Additionally, these silicone molds are among Amazon’s top silicone molds for resin. They come in a single sheet and produce exactly nine geode shapes that are both aesthetic on the inside and out. You always have the creative freedom to add whatever you want to the mold to add some texture and liven things up a bit. Things like glitter, flowers, or anything decorative that comes to mind. Just about any substance can be used to fill these molds, and they are reusable! This is definitely a must-have for any home decorator or anyone who wishes to make special gifts for their loved ones.

CROWNMADE Mini Geode Silicone Resin Molds
  • Premium silicone molds with unique mini geode cavities
  • Made of sturdy and durable silicone material for ease of use
  • Suitable for epoxy resin, concrete, and plaster materials
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  • High Quality
  • Well-known brand
  • More than one mold
  • Reusable
  • Easy to use


  • Limiting Size


Top Recommendation for Coaster Molds: MWELLEWM Oversized Transparent Flexible Silicone Molds

If you are a lover of home decor and home improvements, then this is the best option for you. If you like original items that you can not find in stores or pieces that start conversations, then this is the best silicone mold for resin that you could use. Five molds are included for the creation of placemats, coasters, dish holders, and heat-insulated kitchen countertops. With its endless design possibilities, you will not be able to sleep.

There are several features to this mold that make it attractive, practical, and easy to use with any type of resin. The silicone molds are incredibly easy to use when trying to pour resin from them, and they are also very large, so before you get started with them, make sure that you stock up on resin before you start.

MWELLEWM 5 Pcs Oversized Resin Molds
  • These resin molds are made of high-quality silicone material
  • The molds are reusable, soft, durable, and easy to clean
  • Includes a round, square, rectangle, heart, and ellipse mold
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  • Very easy to use
  • Set of five molds


  • Quite shallow
  • No raised edges
  • Limiting Sizes


Top Recommendation for Molds for Keychains: L-LWEIK Letter Resin Molds

In addition to being reusable, this product allows you to design virtually infinite variations of the alphabet that can be used for essentially anything you can think of at the time. This product comes inclusive of ten silver key chains, 10 gold key chains, as well as twelve glitter packs, forty O-rings, and even a hand drill! If you are a beginner at the trade of resin casting, this is a great place to start if you are new to mold making. Molds such as these are easy to use because they require no preparation, and letters can be easily removed once they are cured.

L-LWEIK Keychain Mold Kit
  • Made from high-quality durable silicone that is easy-to-use
  • The silicone is flexible, resistant to tearing, and easy to release
  • Suitable for creating epoxy keychains, pendants, and jewelry
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  • Good for beginners
  • Additional extras included
  • No preparation needed


  • Quality not as durable
  • Thinner Molds


Top Recommendation for Photo Frame Molds: PILLEAY Heart Photo Frame Mold

If you’re a crafter, you probably like to do everything yourself, expressing yourself uniquely through your style that you have personalized with care. There’s no better gift than a heart-shaped picture frame to show your appreciation for your loved ones on one level or another. We all appreciate this in our own ways.

Even though it might seem a bit cliche, clichés often work because they are effective! You can use the Pilleay team’s heart-shaped picture frame to express your appreciation for your family and friends, or even for someone special in your life! The dimensions make it the perfect mold to make anything sized for a home display.

PILLEAY Resin Picture Molds
  • Constructed from high-quality silicone that is easy to wash
  • Silicone is reusable, soft, durable, and comfortable to use
  • Includes a range of different frame shapes
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  • Good quality
  • Reusable
  • Good for beginners


  • Limiting Size
  • Only one mold


Top Recommendation for Ornate figurine Molds: PATELAI Pendulum Resin Molds

These days, when practically everything is branded or trendy, it can be useful to have items that are simple and effective. This product comes with 10 different pendulum patterns that can be suspended vertically (obviously) from virtually anywhere, as well as a number of color options and gradients that can be employed in conjunction with these molds, there are practically no limitations to the possibilities.

The highly durable design of these molds means that they are highly resistant to tearing and breaking despite their ease of use and ease of cleaning. Silicone molds have the advantage of being used with a wide range of casting materials other than resin, just make sure that they are compatible with silicone molds.

PATELAI Pendulum Resin Molds
  • The set includes 10 different crystal-shaped silicone molds
  • The durable silicone is flexible, easy to clean, and reusable
  • Suitable for epoxy resin, casting resin, and polymer clay
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  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with most materials


  • Better for more experienced crafters
  • Can stretch
  • Difficult to remove once cured


Top Recommendation for Jewelry Mold: DHSHRUN Hair Pin Jewelry Resin Molds

With this resin mold kit, you can make your own jewelry in just a few minutes, and it will be very appreciated! Jewelry tends to be an appreciative gift, and it can improve the mood of the wearer. The product isn’t exactly a popular product in the epoxy mold market, but it is designed specifically for creating hair clips, which makes it unique. Unlike other accessories, you don’t often see resin molds for such unique pieces, so when you find one and jewelry making is a passion of yours, you might as well give it a whirl.

Resin art molds come in sets of three, allowing you to make hair clips in the form of water drops, rectangles, or straight pins, for almost any occasion. You are not limited to your own personal style, because if you are a jeweler who sells their designs you can make pieces that you might not usually wear. For kids who are interested in raising funds for school functions or for children who simply want to have some fun on the weekends, you can even sell your creations for a little extra cash on the side if you want to do it.

DHSRUN Silicone Hair Pin Jewelry Casting Mold
  • The silicone molds are durable, flexible, and simple to use
  • The hair barrettes are made of high-quality metal alloys
  • Includes 3 resin molds and 27 hair clips
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  • Good for children
  • Large set
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Value for money


  • Instructions are unclear


Top Recommendation for Shape Molds: ALBEADS Silicone Resin Molds

If an art installation of any kind is your game, or simply wanting to make something to make your desk at work more inviting. Using reusable resin art molds from Albeads is a breeze. There are four different resin molds that are of a high quality that are in different shapes for the casting and they are very easy to clean up. They also make great gifts for children, as can be seen with a lot of resin art molds. They can also be combined to make intricate installation art pieces.

Make sure that you use a spray with a release for these molds because it will help you to keep to the shape you want. You are not limited with possibilities with these molds, so use your imagination and start molding!

ALBEADS Silicone Resin Molds
  • Includes cube, sphere, diamond, pyramid, and triangular molds
  • Made of safe, durable, and elastic silicone material
  • Easy to release and holds its shape without deformation
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  • Good for beginners
  • Large set
  • Can be used for other materials
  • Wide application


  • Molds are thinner
  • Smaller sizes


Top Recommendation for Decorative Mold: LET’S RESIN Light Bulb Resin Molds

Finally, the Let’s Resin team provided us with a lightbulb resin mold. The design is unique, but the application is one that appeals (positively) to the minimalist aesthetic that’s currently trending. With this product, you will also get four light fittings for LEDs as well as ten caps. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the LED lights separately.

By tapping the bulb to switch it on or off, you can change the mood of the room. If your molds are damaged during the demolding process, you are entitled to a six-month replacement guarantee from the Let’s Resin team, but they are made superiorly so this is not a likelihood. There are many experts in this field or simple DIY lovers who know a lot of their trade and skill, who would argue this is the best of the molds available for purchase.

LET'S RESIN Light Bulb Resin Molds
  • Easy-to-use resin molds and supplies for light bulbs
  • The final result creates a beautiful ambiance with light
  • Includes 2 silicone molds, 10 caps, and 4 LED chips
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  • Unique molds
  • High quality


  • Best for experienced crafters
  • Complicated to use



Resin Molds Explained

You might wonder what the purpose of a silicone resin mold is, which we will explain here. We are all fond of random ornaments, but for many, Christmas is known for the little figurines and decorations that truly bring in the festive spirit. These little things that so many are dearly fond of, are made from resin, or resin plastic, and shaped with a resin mold, otherwise known as an epoxy mold. Molds are forms that can be placed in resin that are made out of two-part liquid polymers. Molds can come in all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to resin art molds.

Best Resin Molds

You can choose from a variety of mold-putty when you make your own. Usually, silicone or latex rubber putties are used which can wrap around an existing object. Having captured the object’s shape with the putty, you can then remove it and fill it with the two-part epoxy resin mixture, which prepares a replica of the subject.

Molds and resin are used to make everything from toys to decorations to ornamental key chains, decorative covers for phones, and even tools and impact-resistant surfaces.


What to Look for When Buying Resin Molds

When purchasing the best silicone resin mold for the task you have in mind, there are a few variables to consider. There isn’t much to say about what the best resin mold is when there’s a variety of forms with different uses. It should be noted that you have the option of choosing between three types of resin molds, which are plastic molds that are already made, and do-it-yourself latex rubber and silicone rubber epoxy molds. We’ll analyze each of these molds to see which is best for your application so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Resin Art Molds


Molds Purchased From a Store

Plastic is not necessarily used in all resin molds bought in a store, but it is most commonly used in beginner-level items. It would take quite a bit of time to cover all the shapes and sizes of these molds, so if you want to create some fun decorative pieces or a phone holder, visit the local craft store. You will end up with about 20 castings for about ten dollars.

It is not often necessary to coat these molds with something to prevent sticking before pouring casting resin into them because they are very smooth, durable, and promise smooth removal once the resin has been set.

Molds have only one disadvantage: they limit you to the forms that the manufacturer produces. Once you get bored with that design, it can be frustrating to have to work with a manufacturer’s design without considering having to buy another. Additionally, some molds are made from plastic that is not biodegradable or reusable, so they do contribute to the pollution of the planet, especially because they are mass-produced.


DIY Silicone Rubber Molds

Do-it-yourself resin molds or resin art molds allow for versatility and it takes away the possibility of boredom because you are able to create the mold that is perfect for your design, at any time. If you ever grow bored with the precast molds you purchased at the store, you can make your own molds for resin with silicone rubber, simply by creating a negative form of the object you wish to make the old off. You do this by adding layers on layers of silicone over the object and that makes the shape from the inside of the mold.

Silicone Resin Molds

You can remove the silicone coating as soon as it has become hard, and then fill this negative form with casting resin to recreate the object of your choice. You do not need expert skills for this product because it is simple enough for beginners. The application goes by pouring into a container that is soapy and then, wearing some rubber gloves, you must knead it until you feel it hardening. Once you are satisfied with the consistency, or per the instruction of the manufacturer, take the resin out of the water and then coat the object you wish to make the mold off with it.

The silicone resin molds must be allowed to set to the manufacturer’s recommendations before they can be used further. Furthermore, you can purchase silicone rubber molds in stores for a variety of niche designs, or order a custom design.

It is important to note that silicone putty molds can be used with foodstuffs, but silicone mold resin is not safe.


DIY Putty Molds of Latex Rubber

In the early days of silicone resin molds, latex molds were used more commonly, but they can still be found at most home improvement stores. Although it is more difficult to work with than the silicone rubber mold we discussed earlier, the experts will argue that it is more durable and requires less time. Create your Latex mold by coating an object, otherwise referred to as the master, with liquid latex and painting it. More than one coat is needed.

Silicone Molds for Resin

If you do not have a lot of time, we would suggest the silicone rubber mold material if your project is time-sensitive. Then, after the latex mold material has dried, you can add the non-sticking agent. Once the mold material has been covered, apply plaster of Paris and allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Removing the plaster from the replica object won’t require removing the mold itself once it has dried. Put the latex mold inside the negative you created with the paste, as soon as the plaster has been removed.

After pouring in your casting resin, you can begin replicating your chosen object.



Instructions for Using Your Resin Mold

Using silicone resin molds for the first time may seem like a heavy task at hand if you are completely unfamiliar with them. However, we’ve included a short, yet descriptive tutorial for you to follow if you get stuck.

Large Resin Molds


Mold Preparation

Wear tight-fitting gloves before you start working and make sure there is sufficient airflow. In order to create the mold and the resin, you need to take the following steps. The best way to start cleaning out mold is to use some soapy water and thoroughly wash the mold off. The silicone molds that are used for large castings tend to gather a lot of dust, which can affect the overall quality of the casting if not taken care of. Make sure that your workspace is cleared and clean, and lay down a protective covering over the surface.

It is always wise to prepare for the possibility of resin getting stuck, so it is better to be prepared. Feel free to spend a little extra on some anti-adhesive coating.


Resin Preparation

There are two parts to every resin product, or most of them anyway. These two parts are the hardener and the resin itself. Make sure that you meticulously follow the instructions provided on the availability of the product, by the manufacturer themselves. That way you will know how long to wait for the rein to set in the mold so that it can be extracted safely without ruining the shape that you are making.

Top Molds for Resin

You can always personalize the item that you are molding by adding bits of glitter, dye, or even flower petals to the resin so it can be seen through.  Stir thoroughly once everything has been placed in the mixing container until you are satisfied with the consistency of the design you create before moving on to the next step.


Pouring Resin Into Your Mold

While large silicone molds require more resin to mix on than small silicone molds, the resin can be poured straight into the silicone mold. The resin might have an odd consistency compared to most liquids, so you might need to use a small spoon to get it into the mold if the mold is smaller.

In order to lock up the mold, you must be sure no air bubbles remain in it after the mold has been filled.

As much as you might want to include decorative objects in the mold at this point, you will need to be prepared for the different effects that these decorative items will have on the resin, as the last thing you want is for the resin to leak from the mold at this point. For drying the resin, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.


Removing Your Casting

You can save yourself hours of frustration and frustration-inducing frustration by removing the resin casting correctly from your workpiece. In order to avoid accidentally puncturing the casting, you should slowly remove it from the mold once you are sure the resin is dry.

Best Epoxy Molds

When you use an anti-adhesive spray on the mold beforehand, removing the larger objects from the mold should be much easier, while removing smaller objects should be much easier. If your casting has been removed, ensure that both your mixing cup and mold are thoroughly rinsed and cleaned before storing them.


With the knowledge of what resin molds are, how to create them, what type of resin molds are available (for any purpose), and how to create resin castings with silicone molds, you’re now ready to put your new skills to use.



Is Mold Release Spray Necessary for a hustle-free release?

Many resin artists often use mold release spray, but its necessity largely depends on the quality of the silicone mold you have. High-quality silicone molds typically don’t require the use of mold release spray.

While silicone molds generally release resin easily, some molds made from other materials may not. Proper care and handling can extend the lifespan of your epoxy molds.


How to Clean Your Silicone Mold

Cleaning a resin silicone mold is a straightforward process. Simply wipe it down gently with a damp paper towel. It’s essential to ensure the mold is completely dry before pouring resin or any other material into it.

After demolding a resin piece, remove any cured resin drips, wipe the mold clean, and store it in a cool, dark place.


What Can You Create with Silicone Molds and Resin?

Silicone molds offer versatility for resin art. You can craft various items, including epoxy resin jewelry, bookmarks, keychains, pendants, bracelets, geode resin art, hair accessories, resin tables, pyramids, paperweights, river tables, book or binder covers, resin coasters, and more. To maintain crystal-clear and bubble-free results, consider using a pressure pot for your resin projects. It can significantly improve the quality of your finished pieces.



Frequently Asked Questions


Which Mold is Best for Epoxy Resin?

When molding epoxy resins, silicone molds work best. It’s important to choose a mold that is smooth, bendy, has a simple application, is hardy, wear-resistant, and easy to reuse.


Is There Anything That Resin Does Not Stick To?

A wide variety of products contain epoxy resin, but it does not adhere well to sheer surfaces. It includes surfaces such as polyvinyl, Teflon, nylon, acrylic, and polycarbonate. It adheres to a variety of surface materials.


How Can Resin be Replaced With a Safer Alternative?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about resin, but ingesting it before it has fully set can cause discomfort. Clay, concrete, plaster, glue resin, or acrylic resin are all good alternative materials for your next workpiece if you’re looking for an alternative.