How to Get Glue Out of Carpet – Guide for All Glue Types

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From Persian to shag, a carpet can add a warm and plush feeling to a room. However, carpeting can be difficult to clean as they tend to attract and hold dirt. From industrial adhesives to super-strength DIY glues, glue is here to stay. Let’s face it, as careful as we try to be with adhesives, accidents happen. The last place you want to spill glue is on your carpet, but it happens more often than one would think. The trick to removing glue from carpeting is to act as soon as possible. If it is left to dry, it will be far more difficult to remove glue from carpeting.



What Are Adhesives Made From?

There are many different types of glues available today, most of which are manufactured synthetically. Some adhesives, like white craft glue, are water-based and can be easily removed with warm water. Superglue, also known as ethyl cyanoacrylate, is an extremely strong and fast-acting glue that is far more difficult to remove. Wood glue, or polyvinyl acetate (PVA), is also extremely strong. Some wood glues are made from animal byproducts, similar to gelatin.

What follows is a DIY guide to help you remove most types of glue from your carpet.


How to Remove Elmer’s Glue From a Carpet

Acting fast can reduce the amount of hassle it takes to remove wood glue from the carpet. Begin by scraping off as much glue as possible with a butter knife or a spoon, being careful not to spread it around. Dabbing with a dry lint-free cloth is another way to pick up excess glue. Next, dampen the cloth with warm water and dab the affected area. Leave the damp cloth on the affected area. This should soften the glue and allow you to wipe it off the carpet after about 30 minutes or so.

How to Get Elmer's Glue Out of Carpet


White Vinegar or Dish Soap

For years, white vinegar has been a trusted household cleaner, and it can be very effective when it comes to getting the glue out of a carpet. Mix equal parts of warm water and distilled white vinegar and apply the solution to the glue on the carpet. Wipe the area, being sure to sufficiently wet the stain. Let the vinegar sit on the carpet for about 20 minutes.

After some time the glue should begin to lift from the carpet. Wipe away the peeling glue with a clean, wet cloth and allow the carpet to dry. It might take a little more effort to remove dried glue from a carpet, but the above method should work. As an alternative, use a dish a soap solution of about a teaspoon of dish soap to a cup of warm water.


Steam Iron

If the dried glue is proving to be a little stubborn, you can steam the area with a steam iron. Ensure that you place a wet cloth over the stain before you steam. This process should help lift the glue, which will make it easier for you to wipe it away with a warm, wet towel.


How to Remove Wood Glue From a Carpet

Once dry, wood glue can be tougher than the wood itself. It is for this reason that it may be very difficult to remove wood glue from a carpet. If the glue is still wet, you may be able to remove the glue using a water and vinegar solution or dish soap and water solution. But if the glue is dry, you may need to use a stronger solvent.

How to Get Wood Glue Out of Carpet


Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a strong solvent that can be very effective in dissolving wood glue. Before using it to remove dry wood glue from your carpet, test it on a part of the carpet that is out of sight to make sure that it does not affect the color of the carpeting. Dabbing the dried glue with a rubbing alcohol-soaked cloth can loosen the glue before you wipe it off with a dry cloth. If you are having difficulty, try leaving the cloth with the rubbing alcohol on top of the dry glue for about 15 minutes. This should further loosen the glue and allow you to wipe it away.


How to Remove Superglue From a Carpet

From fixing a crack in the frame of your glasses to repairing a tent, superglue is an extremely handy item to have in the house or your car. But if it manages to get out of the tube and onto your carpet, it can dry instantly, leaving you with the tough job of removing the glue from your carpet.



Again, the sooner you act, the less time the glue will have to cure. Following the above steps might work, but if you are struggling to remove the glue from your carpet you may need to try a stronger solvent. Acetone or nail polish remover can melt superglue, but it can also melt the fibers of your carpet.

This is why it is advised that you test it on an area of the carpet that is out of sight before trying to remove super glue from a carpet in this way.

Dab the problem area with an acetone-dampened cloth and then wipe the area with a clean cloth. You may want to repeat this step with a fresh cloth that is damp with acetone, as the superglue should transfer from the carpet to the cloth.



Mix a cleaning solution with one teaspoon of ammonia to one cup of water. Dab the stain with a cloth that is damp with the solution. The superglue should transfer from the carpet to the cloth. Wipe the stain with a fresh cloth and repeat if necessary.


How to Remove Hot Glue From Carpeting

Hot glue is a very convenient and effective glue for arts and crafts, but it can be very messy to work with. A trick to removing hot glue from fabric is to put the item in the freezer for about 20 minutes, and then you can simply but carefully peel away the glue with your fingers. Unfortunately, trying to remove a large carpet from your floor and finding a freezer bigger enough to stuff it in to can be a challenge, to say the least. A neat trick for removing hot glue from carpeting involves a steam iron.

How to Remove Hot Glue From Carpeting


Steam Iron

Hot glue tends to dry and bond very quickly but, with a bit of heat, it can also melt just as fast. Place a piece of fabric on top of the hot glue spot on your carpet and use a steam iron to gently press onto the affected area. This will remove the glue and transfer it onto the fabric, and you should be able to simply peel away the fabric, bringing the hot glue from your carpet with it. Be Careful not to simply rub back and forth, as this could spread the glue around and make it more difficult to remove.

How to Get Dried Glue Out of Carpet



Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Know if Acetone Will Ruin My Carpet?

Acetone is a powerful solvent that can melt PVC and polystyrene, while nylon is stable enough to resist the effects of acetone. If you are unsure about what your carpet is made of, it is best to test the acetone on an area that is not in plain sight.


Can WD-40 Get Super Glue Out of Carpeting?

WD-40 can be effective in loosening super glue from a carpet, but because it is petroleum-based, it can leave a stubborn stain. The WD-40 stain can be removed with a strong detergent or stain remover.


How Can I Get Gorilla Glue Out of My Carpet?

Gorilla Glue is similar to wood glue but far stronger. Acetone will be effective in removing it from your carpet. If this does not work, you could always cut away the glue if your carpet fibers are long enough. This, however, is an extreme measure.


When Should I Call an Expert?

If the glue stain covers a large area and you are struggling to remove the glue from the carpet, it is advised that you call a professional carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaners have specialized machines and access to industrial chemicals. They will also be able to advise you if you need to replace the carpet.