Best Garage Floor Epoxy – Choosing the Best Epoxy for Garage Floors

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Garage floor epoxy coatings are incredibly convenient. This type of flooring is highly durable for your busy garage. The best garage floor epoxy can resist hot tire pick up from cars, oil spills, chemicals, scratches, and heavy use. Epoxy floors are easy to clean, require absolutely minimal maintenance, and look amazing! If you are interested in enhancing your garage, then using a garage floor epoxy kit is a simple solution. Let’s explore the best garage floor epoxy options below to get a better understanding of this awesome type of floor coating.




Understanding Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy resin is a versatile substance that can be used in a wide range of situations. One increasingly popular project for epoxy is floor coating. Garage floor coatings with this material are easy to apply by yourself at home. They hold up well and offer a practical solution for garage flooring.

This type of flooring comes in a few different forms. The major consideration is to choose between a garage floor epoxy coating or garage floor epoxy paints. Both offer unique advantages and finishes. We will explore each one in a bit more detail below.

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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

If you choose a typical garage floor epoxy kit, you will coat the floor in a clear epoxy resin. This is a kit that comes in two components that need to be mixed together to form a clear, strong epoxy. This type of epoxy is incredibly strong and designed to give a smooth, low-maintenance finish to the floors.

Various types of epoxy exist. When going this route, make sure that you choose a specifically designed garage epoxy floor kit. This option has been made to resist the impact of garage floors. The epoxy can adhere well to most surfaces and can be applied straight over concrete or on top of painted surfaces. This option takes a little bit longer to apply, but it offers a harder, longer-lasting clear epoxy finish.


Garage Floor Epoxy Paints

Another popular option for coating garage floors is to paint them with epoxy floor paint. Garage floor epoxy paints are specially designed for the purpose of coating floors that deal with heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. This is a special type of acrylic latex paint that is enhanced with epoxy. The paint comes as a single component, so no mixing or preparation is required. When applied, epoxy enhances the paint with more durable characteristics.

Garage floor epoxy paints are easier to apply, and they offer a thinner layer of complete color coverage. Where epoxy resin coatings are clear, this gives the appearance of glossy colored paint. Garage floor epoxy paints are also designed to hold up against hot car tires, water, oil and chemical spills, scratches, heavy objects, and so on. While this is a far more durable option than regular household paint, it is still not quite as durable as a traditional two-part epoxy.

You could also use both epoxy paint and a clear epoxy coating together for the ultimate durable garage floor coating.

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Advantages of Using the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

So, why choose epoxy for garage floors? This substance offers many advantages to garages, which is why it is such a popular choice of material to use. We have listed some of the main benefits of using the best garage floor epoxy below:

  • Epoxy offers resistance against water, chemical, and oil spills
  • Epoxy floor coatings are incredibly durable
  • The best garage floor epoxy is designed to withstand any hot tire pickup
  • Epoxy floor coatings are scratch-resistant
  • Garage floor epoxy is very low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • The floor coating offers a smooth, shiny appearance that lasts for a long time
  • Garage floor epoxy kits are easy to apply yourself
  • Epoxy floors are a much more affordable option than other flooring types
  • Epoxy garage floor kits help to protect the underlying concrete against water damage
  • Garage epoxy floors can be colored and dyed, placed over painted floors, or enhanced with anti-slip additives
  • Epoxy floor coatings adhere to most surfaces


The Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Now that we know why you should you a garage floor epoxy coating, it’s time to choose the right product. There are many different types of epoxy resin available, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. It is essential that you choose the best garage floor epoxy for your project to achieve long-lasting results. We have made this easier by choosing the absolute best garage floor epoxy options below for all types of projects.

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Best Epoxy Garage Floor Kit: RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating

This complete garage epoxy kit by Rust-Oleum offers everything you need for a brand new garage floor. This kit has been designed for anyone to be able to apply it at home. The process is fairly simple, and it will result in a top-quality garage floor finish. This epoxy is five times harder than epoxy paint, so it will certainly offer a long-lasting solution.

The two-part epoxy formula is suitable for all kinds of spaces and rooms. It offers a professional glossy finish that is easy to clean. The coating ensures no hot tire pickup and adds an effective layer against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, and salt. Once applied, the epoxy coating takes 24 to cure before you can walk on it, and three days to cure before it can be driven on.

The formula offers low odor and low VOC contents. This makes it easier to work with indoors. The shiny showroom finish of this floor will completely enhance your garage and make it a room to be truly proud of.

RUST-OLEUM EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating
  • Durable, epoxy formula for garage floors, workshops, basements, and more
  • Hardens within 24 hours, drive-on ready in 72 hours
  • Super adhesion on surfaces and covers up to 500 sq ft
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  • Low VOC and low odor formula
  • Incredibly durable finish
  • Includes the full kit for a garage floor
  • Adds effective protection against various chemicals, moisture, and salt
  • Resists hot tire pickup
  • A good value kit suitable for a two and a half car garage


  • The application process involves a lot of steps


Best Decorative Garage Floor Coating: RUST-OLEUM RockSolid Pearlescent Floor Coating Kit

This is a decorative garage floor coating kit incorporating a new product called polycuramine, created by Rust-Oleum – a well-trusted name when it comes to epoxy resin. Combining polyurea, urethane, and epoxy results in a super-strong surface with a very high glossy shine and resistance to chemicals. Once applied, you end up with a stunningly beautiful epoxy garage floor that is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and resembles those high-end granite and quartz worktops you find in kitchens and bathrooms.

This professional-grade flooring kit is suitable for an area measuring 250 sq. ft. You only need to apply one coat and it is self-levelling and virtually VOC and odor free, so you can safely use it for all domestic flooring purposes if you wish. Clean-up is easy with mineral spirits.

RUST-OLEUM RockSolid Pearlescent Floor Coating Kit
  • Polycuramine formula combines polyurea and urethane with epoxy
  • High shine finish resembling quartz or granite on your garage floor
  • Excellent hardness, adhesion, durability, and chemical resistance
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  • A complete garage floor coating kit
  • An extremely durable, professional-grade floor system
  • Inclusion of polyurea and urethane with epoxy enhances strength and appearance
  • Safe to use in domestic settings


  • Quite difficult to use
  • Lower coverage than expected


Best Value: RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Shield Professional Based Floor Coating Kit

This is a high solids solvent-based epoxy coating kit. While it may be a bit more toxic to apply than water-based epoxy, the results are far more durable. This epoxy floor kit will last a very long time, and is ideal for garage floors, basements, workshops, and more. Once cured, the finish offers superior resistance to chemicals, heavy wear, and standing water.

This professional floor coating kit has been designed to cover an area of 200 square feet per gallon. Its durable formula has been designed to withstand vehicle use. You will also get no hot tire pick-up over this epoxy resin. This product has been designed for industrial-grade performance. It looks amazing with its semi-gloss finish, and it can be enhanced with color chips. Overall, a great product for home improvements.

RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Shield Floor Coating Kit
  • A high-solids solvent-based epoxy coating kit
  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals and wear and tear
  • Ultimate adhesion and durability for garage use
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  • A seriously durable garage floor epoxy kit
  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals, scratches, water, and more
  • No hot tire pick up formula
  • Offers an attractive semi-gloss finish
  • Ultimate adhesion for all kinds of surfaces
  • Includes good instructions


  • Some people prefer to use a water-based epoxy floor coating


Best Garage Floor Gloss Coating: RUST-OLEUM Clear Gloss Coating

Some people are intimidated by using a two-part epoxy garage floor kit. If this is the case, we recommend using this clear gloss coating from Rust-Oleum. This advanced acrylic formula coating can be used over concrete, epoxy, or painted floors. When cured, the coating provides a super glossy, shiny finish that is completely chemical resistant. The finish can be driven over with cars and will hold up for a very long time.

The advantage of using this coating is that it is versatile and easy to apply. You can paint it over most surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Once applied, you get a resistant, attractive finish that is ideal for garage floors.

RUST-OLEUM Clear Gloss Coating
  • A clear finish floor topcoat
  • Chemical-resistant advanced acrylic formula
  • A UV and weather-resistant highly durable finish
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  • An easy to use, single component product
  • Offers a beautiful gloss coating
  • Versatile for various floor types
  • Good coverage


  • Not as durable as other epoxy floor coatings
  • Can leave tire marks



How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

With such a versatile range of products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best garage floor epoxy to use. Your choice should come down to a number of specifications and considerations which we have highlighted below.

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One of the first things that anyone doing home renovations is concerned about is cost. How much will the job cost in total? Which product offers the most bang for your buck? When it comes to the best epoxy for garage floors, the quality really depends on the price. Spending a little bit more money for the most highly rated kit can actually save you money in the long run, as the floor will be longer-lasting and will require little to no maintenance.

Floor paints are the cheaper alternative. These paints are quick and easy and are more affordable than epoxy products. The downside is that they are much less durable, and will require reapplications soon enough. They might also crack, chip, flake, scuff, and so on. High-quality epoxy is well worth the investment.


The Finish

The best garage floor epoxy does not just need to be durable, it should also look great! Different epoxy products offer different types of finishes. Epoxy floor kits are generally finished with a glossy coat of epoxy. This provides a thick, polished look that many people love. Epoxy is generally clear, so you can apply it over painted surfaces, exposed concrete, or mix in colorful flakes to achieve a specific look. If you do not want such a glossy finish, there are other sheen options – such as semi-gloss.

Some people do not enjoy the thick, shiny look of epoxy floor coatings. If this is the case, floor paint may be a better option. Floor paints have more sheen and solid color options. They are less glossy and offer a flatter finish.



Of course, the level of durability is an essential factor for floors. Garage floor paints are not as long-lasting, and will probably need to be reapplied every two years. These paints can crack, chip, scuff, and peel. They are less resistant to abrasions, water, and chemicals.

The best garage floor epoxy should provide a seriously long-lasting solution. Garage floor epoxy coatings are thick and extremely strong. They offer a good level of impact resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, scratch resistance, and so on. Different epoxy products vary when it comes to their levels of durability. For the best garage floor epoxy coating, you will need a product that prevents hot tire pick up. You should also lookout for an epoxy coating that has a good level of heat resistance.



The problem with epoxy floor coating is that it can get very slippery when wet. Some people enjoy the smooth finish of epoxy, but some want some prefer a safer finish or their garage. Different epoxy floor kits have different traction options. Some come with anti-slip additives to give the floor some texture for more safety. Others are completely smooth and glossy. Consider what type of finish you would prefer for your needs.

epoxy garage floor kit


Cleaning and Maintenance

Nobody wants to be constantly cleaning up their garage. One of the most important things for the best garage floor epoxy is for it to be easy to maintain and clean. Epoxy coatings are generally very maintenance-friendly. They usually stay clear of marks, and just need a simple wipe down if things get spilled on them. Epoxy coatings are long-lasting, and won’t require reapplication for many years. Of course, this differs for each product.

Garage floor paints, on the other hand, are not as easy to maintain. There is more chance to cause marks and scuffing on these floor coatings. They will also require more regular reapplications in order to maintain their new look.


UV Protection

When looking for any epoxy resin product, you should always consider UV protection. Of course, for garages this is not always that important as the floor is indoors. However, exposure to sunlight through windows or doors can lead to UV damage. If the product is not UV protected, it will start to yellow or discolor over time. For a clear, shiny epoxy that lasts a long period, make sure that your product is enhanced with UV protective qualities.



How the floor coating is applied is an important factor. Applying garage floor epoxy kits can be a long process. The floor will probably need a lot of preparation beforehand, and the different coats of epoxy take a long time to cure. Preparation can include cleaning, priming, etching, and repairing damaged concrete. Make sure that you understand the application process before buying a floor kit so that you can be fully prepared for it.

There is also the process of mixing and preparing the epoxy itself. The best garage floor epoxy kits are easy to mix, and require simple ratios. If you are not interested in all of this mixing and preparation, then consider opting for a more simple, single-component paint instead.


Water-Based or Solvent-Based Epoxy

When choosing the best garage floor epoxy, you will need to decide between a water-based product or a solvent-based product. Both have their pros and cons. Water-based epoxies are often preferred thanks to their more eco-friendly formula. These products emit far fewer odors, contain fewer, if any, VOCs, and are easier to clean up without the need for harsh chemicals. While they are preferable for applying and working with, the downside is that they are often less durable.

Solvent-based products offer a greater level of durability and resistance. They generally last longer and adhere stronger to surfaces. The downside is that they can emit harmful odors and require more safety precautions when working with them. They also take longer to dry.

best epoxy for garage floor



How to Apply the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Now that you know which products are best and know how to choose the best garage floor epoxy, it’s time to apply it to your home. The process can be quite time-consuming, but it is well worth it in the end. Make sure to follow the correct steps in order to get the most long-lasting finish possible.


Surface Preparation

We are going to assume that you are working on a concrete garage floor. The main reason that epoxy floors fail is bad preparation of the floor. The first step is to make sure that the concrete is in good condition and ready to take the floor coating. Start by filling in any possible cracks or holes in the concrete. This can be done with an epoxy concrete filler.

Then you will need to clean the concrete completely. We recommend using a high-pressure water sprayer to do this. Make sure that there is no first, grease, or dust on the floor. The floor needs to be completely clean and dry in order for the epoxy to adhere properly.


Profiling the Floor

Now you will need to profile the floor. Profiling is when you open up the first layer of the concrete to expose its pores. Doing this lets the epoxy form a stronger bond and for a longer-lasting floor. Opening up the pores can be done with an acid etching solution. This is brushed and scrubbed over the concrete surface.

You can grind the surface to open up its pores, but this is a bit more labor-intensive. Once the floor has been profiled, you will need to make sure that it is once again clean. Vacuum up any debris and wash the concrete clean.


Protecting the Area

Epoxy can be a very difficult substance to remove and clean up if it cures. For this reason, make sure that your work area is properly protected. Use masking tape and plastic sheeting to cover any walls, furniture, and fittings that you don’t want to mess epoxy on.


Mixing the Epoxy

Now the floor is ready for application. Start by getting all of your materials and tools ready. You need to make sure that you have everything available because once the epoxy is mixed you have a limited working time before it hardens.

When prepared and ready to go, you can mix the epoxy components together according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This needs to be thoroughly mixed to get good results. You can also add in any color dyes or flakes at this point.

mixing epoxy


Applying the Epoxy

Now it is time to apply your first epoxy coat. This can be applied using a special epoxy roller brush. Start at the far end of your garage and apply it moving back towards the door. The best garage floor epoxy products will be self-leveling to make them easier to apply. Ensure that you apply a smooth, all-around coating and then leave it to dry.

The drying time will depend on the product you are using and the environmental conditions. Once fully cured, you can add a second coating. Just follow the same process as above.


Applying a Top Coat

Once all of the epoxy has been applied and cured, it’s time to finish the floor with a topcoat. This can be either epoxy,  polyurethane, or polyurea. A clear topcoat offers more durable protection for a longer-lasting finish. Apply this evenly and smoothly and let the floor cire completely before using it. This may take up to three days.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Do Epoxy Garage Floors Last?

This depends on the product and specific conditions, but generally, an epoxy floor will last between 5 to 10 years.


Is it Difficult to Lay Down an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy flooring is an easy and convenient solution. The process can be time-consuming and may involve quite a few steps. However, the procedure is simple and the materials are more affordable than many other flooring options.


Do Epoxy Floors Crack?

Epoxy floors are incredibly durable and can handle high levels of impact and abrasions. However, these floors are also not very flexible, so there is the risk of cracking with some epoxy products. Choose the best garage floor epoxy available to avoid this risk.


Finding the best garage floor epoxy offers many benefits to your home. We hope that our guide above has inspired you to tackle one of these flooring projects yourself – you will certainly be proud of the durable, attractive results. We wish you all the best for your DIY project ahead!