How to Get Resin Off Hands – Quick Epoxy Cleaning Tips

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Working with resin is a fun craft that many find enjoyable. There are so many beautiful projects that involve epoxy resin, from jewelry to tables and coasters. Creating anything from resin is such a fun and rewarding process, however, it can be a bit messy, and clean-up can be difficult and time-consuming. If you have ever had the displeasure of getting resin onto your hands, you would know that it can hurt quite a bit to peel off, not to mention ineffective! So, if you are wondering how to get resin off your hands or how to remove epoxy from your skin, read on to discover the various methods to do exactly that, without the pain or discomfort!



Working With Resin Epoxy: How Does Resin End Up on Your Hands?

As anyone who has worked with and used resin epoxy should know, gloves should always be worn when using it. This is the best way to avoid any of it spilling onto your hands in the first place. Sometimes, however, accidents happen or we do not heed the warning! At the end of the day, we are only human and sometimes we just forget or think it is not as important as it is.

Removing Resin from Skin

One thing is certain though, resin is a toxic substance and will irritate your skin while still in its liquid form. We do not recommend using epoxy without gloves, no matter the circumstance. If you are missing gloves, hold off on your project until you are able to get some. The same goes for eye protection – if you do get some resin in your eyes make sure you seek medical attention right away!

If you did get resin on your hands and want to know how to remove epoxy from your skin the correct way, keep reading! There are many ways to go about removing the substance effectively.


How to Remove Resin from Skin and Hands

Although gloves are recommended when working with epoxy, a question asked all too often is how to get resin off hands. As mentioned before, there are actually quite a few ways to remove epoxy from the skin. The method you use will likely depend on what is available in your home, however, if you are able to get to a store, you could possibly purchase a few of these items to see which works best for your situation. How to remove epoxy from skin? Read on for our list of tried and tested methods.


Using Liquid Soap

If you did not know it before, epoxy and water do not mix together very well. Water actually displaces epoxy resin so it is a fantastic method if you are wondering how to remove epoxy from skin! A little soap will help as well. The water will actually dissolve the bond that was created between your skin and the resin. Not much scrubbing will be required either. Most of the time, you will notice the resin simply falls off! Using warm water is often better than cold.

Lather Soap to Wash Off Epoxy


Using Rubbing Vinegar

If water is not doing it to you and you are still left wondering how to get resin off your hands, then vinegar might just be the right option for you. This seemingly simple ingredient is likely already in your pantry and works very effectively for removing epoxy from your skin. Vinegar actually has anti-fungal properties too and has been used for years to treat fungal infections. This handy kitchen ingredient is similar to water in that it helps to dissolve the resin that is stuck to your hands or skin. Unlike water, however, vinegar will actually dissolve the resin itself, not only the bond.

Vinegar Removes Resin from Hands

All you need to do is soak a corner of a rag in vinegar and rub and lightly scrub at the epoxy stuck on your skin. This should quickly get rid of the sticky resin coating on your hands.

Cloth and Vinegar to Remove Resin


Using Citrus Cleaners

Should you still be trying to figure out how to remove resin from skin and hands, why not give citrus a try? No, this method does not involve rubbing a slice of orange or lemon on your hands! All you need are citrus-based liquids or a citrus-based cleaner. Citrus, as you may already know, is a highly acidic substance. This is exactly what makes citrus cleaners so effective! While citrus cleaners are very effective at removing resin from your hands or skin, remember that they can cause mild irritation, so it is best to avoid this method if you have sensitive skin. There are also some soaps available on the market that have been citrus-infused. You should be able to purchase one of these bars from a health and wellness store.

Citrus Cleaner Gets Resin Off Skin


Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda to clean has become a lot more popular in recent times. This wonderful substance can help scrub up and clean grime and dirt from so many places – it is even used by some on their teeth. Baking soda combined with dish soap acts as a strong and effective cleaner for the removal of resin from the skin. Chances are high that you have some baking soda in your home already.

Baking Soda Cleans Resin Off Hands

Removing resin from your hands with baking soda is simple. All you need to do is pour some of the baking soda onto your hand (the epoxy and your hand should be dry before attempting this) and then add a bit of dishwashing soap to it. The mixture of these two substances and some scrubbing will help dissolve the resin on your skin. Once the epoxy has been dissolved, simply give your hand a wash with water.

Rinse Resin Off Hands


Using Sugar Scrub

This method is unlikely to be heard of before but it is very effective. How to remove resin from skin need not be a problem when you have sugar! Again, you probably already have sugar in your home, making this a method worth trying before heading out to a store to purchase one of the other ingredients mentioned. While this method is the least effective, it is still worth trying. The sugar scrub method is a little more complex than the rest mentioned in this list.

Sugar Scrub Removes Epoxy

How to remove epoxy from the skin using sugar scrub: Mix two cups of sugar with half a cup of oil and around 15 drops of essential oil. Make sure to mix well and then simply rub it with one hand onto the affected hand. Easy!



And that brings our quick guide on how to remove resin from skin to a close. As you can see, removing resin from your hands and skin need not be a difficult nor time-consuming process! Easy cleanup methods are available, thankfully! Remember however that it is always best to wear gloves when working with resin, prevention is far easier than cure! Happy crafting!



Frequently Asked Questions


How to Get Resin off Hands?

How to remove resin from skin and especially hands is a common question. The answer is quite simple usually, soap and water! Scrub your hands after soaking them in warm soapy water and the resin should come right off. This is because the soapy water will help disintegrate the bond between your hands and the resin layer. There are alternatives too, these include baking soda, citrus soap, vinegar, and sugar scrub. Many of the methods used to remove epoxy from skin are made from ingredients already in your home.


Is It Dangerous to Get Resin on Skin?

Yes, resin is toxic while in liquid form. If it comes into contact with your skin, you could see yourself with problems like eczema or other allergic reactions. It is very important to keep your hands and eyes protected while working with epoxy resin. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so keep your resin project on the back burner until you have the correct goggles and gloves to keep you well-protected.