Best Gun Paint – Finding and Using the Best Firearm Spray Paint

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Restoring a firearm will require a specific type of paint. Not just any paint can be used for
creating a brand new and durable finish over your gun. The best gun paint needs to be specially
formulated for offering a long-lasting, attractive coating. Learning how to paint a gun is quite a
unique process. Whether you are restoring an old firearm or updating your current one with a
new finish, knowing how to paint a gun can be a highly rewarding process. Follow our guide
below on the best gun paint and everything you need to know about painting guns.




What is Gun Paint?

Firearm paint is used to maintain and recoat your gun. The best gun paint needs to have a
number of special features to make it suitable for this application. Guns are certainly not the
easiest objects to paint for a long-lasting, high-quality finish. When you do paint your gun, you will
need the paint to withstand the use of the firearm, and you don’t want it to peel, chip, or fade over
time. The best gun paint also needs to adhere well to the material that the gun is made out of.

Spray paint for guns is typically used, as this provides a perfectly smooth and even finish. Spray
paint for guns is far easier to apply, and it allows you to evenly coat the different details and
curves of a gun without effecting the way the gun looks. The best gun paint also needs to hold
up against heat and heavy use. Firearm barrels can get hot when in action, and you will need to
make sure that this doesn’t lead the paint to peel away. Of course, the paint also need to be
formulated for use on the correct type of metal that your gun is made from.

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What Can Firearm Paint Be Used For?

Properly maintaining and protecting your gun is essential if you want to enjoy a long life from it.
This is where firearm paint comes in handy. You can use this paint to maintain the color and
shine of your gun to keep it looking brand new. You can use it cover up any marks or patches
that may form. The best firearm paint can also be used to restore old guns and bring them back
to their former glory. Or maybe you want to recolor your gun completely and give it a new,
unique effect. Whatever the case may be, a firearm paint can be use to get this done.

When looking for the best gun paint, not all of the products that you will find are specifically
designed for firearms. As long as the paint has the right characteristics for guns it can be used.
Some of the best gun paint options include automobile paint, paint for engines, and
general-purpose metal spray paint. Using gun spray paint can completely enhance the way your
firearm looks and feels, but it can also be used to protect and maintain the gun.



The Pros and Cons of Using Gun Spray Paint

If you are considering repainting your gun, then you will need the best gun spray paint. Of
course, these products offer plenty of advantages to users. However, like any DIY medium, they
have their potential downsides. Here are some of the main pros and cons to consider when
working with gun paint.


  • Gun spray paint is very easy to use
  • You can completely enhance the finish of your gun
  • An easy way to maintain and protect your gun
  • Gun paint allows your firearm to look brand new
  • The best gun paint should offer a long-lasting finish
  • A relatively affordable way to completely uplift the look of your gun
  • Prevents peeling or cracking paint from damaging your gun
  • Resistant to the elements
  • Anyone can use gun spray paint with great results
  • It allows you to customize the coloring and look of your weapon


  • Some people prefer to maintain the original finish of a firearm
  • If used incorrectly, applying a new layer of paint can start to crack or wear away
  • You may need to do quite a lot of preparation before painting your gun
  • Gun paint can be heavily solvent-based and rather toxic to use
  • Working on guns always offers dangers involved, so some people prefer to get their
    guns professionally painted instead of finding the best gun paint and doing it themselves

gun barrel paint



What is the Best Gun Paint?

There are so many different types of paint to choose from, with all kinds of options for different applications. So, how do you know what the best type of firearm spray paint is? Well, firstly you should make to look out for spray paint. When painting a gun, you will need to achieve a perfectly smooth and even coating. Spray paint is the only way to really achieve this without leaving any brush marks or drips. This method of painting also allows you to coat all of the fine details and curves of a gun without filling them in.

Then there is the paint formula. While there are many options to choose from, the best paint for a gun would be an enamel paint that has been modified with ceramic. This provides the highest level of durability for a gun, and it will create smooth, strong bond against the guns surface. We would recommend first looking for a specially formulated paint for firearms, as this is designed to perfectly match the needs of painting your gun. Otherwise, you can still use general purpose spray paints. Just make sure that the formula is suitable for firearm use.



The Best Gun Paint – Our Top Products

With so many different types of spray paint available, it can be difficult to choose the best
product for painting your gun. To help make sure that you find the perfect finish, we have
chosen the absolute best gun paint options below to make your search a whole lot easier.

gun spray paint


DURACOAT Ultimate Firearms Finish

This matte black firearm finish is specially formulated to provide a super-strong, long-lasting
coat of paint over your gun. There is a really clever design system in this can which releases the
hardener when the button is pressed. This allows the paint finish to mix with the hardener while
you paint with the spray can. Once these two components are mixed, the formula can stay
active for up to four weeks.

This coating is suitable for a wide range of firearm materials. It can be sprayed on metal, wood,
and plastic. The formula offers UV protection and is highly resistant to all kinds of external
forces and possible damage. It is recommended to use the Ultimate Firearms Finish in two
coats with a two-hour break between applications in order to achieve best results.

DURACOAT Ultimate Do It Yourself Firearms Finish
  • Can within a can design for easy hardener release
  • Offers excellent UV protection and durability
  • Eay to apply over various surfaces and finishes
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  • Easy to release the hardener into the can with the push of a button
  • Suitable for various gun surfaces
  • A durable and long-lasting formula
  • Very easy to use and control
  • Provides a perfectly even matte black finish


  • A more expensive gun spray paint
  • You don’t get a wide range of colors available


DUPLI-COLOR Engine Enamel With Ceramic

Even though this paint and coating has been specially designed for automotive use, the formula
is still perfectly suited as being one of the best gun paints available. This spray paint is an
enamel product enhanced with ceramic. This makes the paint incredibly durable, and able to
withstand all kinds of abrasions. The paint is resistant to oil and fluids and can withstand a high
level of heat.

Another major benefit of this product is that there is such a wide range of colors available. You
can completely customize your gun to perfectly suit your taste. The Dupli-Color Engine Enamel
paints ceramic resins offer maximum heat dissipation while maintaining the glossy shine
perfectly. The paint won’t peel, flake, blister, or crack, and can be used over various surfaces
with powerful adhesion.

DUPLI-COLOR Ceramic Clear Engine Paint
  • An engine enamel spray paint with ceramic
  • Withstands high heat and is seriously durable
  • Resistant to oil and fluids, available in various colors
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  • Offers a high level of heat dissipation
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Incredibly durable finish
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for a wide range of application


  • Sometimes the color can differ slightly from the picture


DURACOAT Aerosol Kit

Duracoat is widely regarded as one of the best gun paint brands, and this aerosol kit of theirs really lives up their high levels of quality. This paint kit is available in a wide range of different color combinations to perfectly match your taste. The paint is incredibly easy to use with its simple hardener release button. All you have to do is press the button and the hardener release into the can. This means you don’t need to do any measuring or mixing before spraying.

The paint is seriously strong, and it offers protection against rust, UV rays, and corrosion. You can use this paint on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood. This makes it a perfect choice for most types of firearms. It can also be applied directly over bare metal, anodizing, parkering, and bluing. Each of these painting kits should be enough to cover two to four firearms.

DURACOAT Aerosol Kit Matte Black
  • A two-part aerosol firearm finishing kit
  • Uses can within a can hardener release technology
  • Offers excellent UV resistance and durability
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  • Offers a seriously wide range of color options
  • Easy to apply and mix
  • Incredibly durable
  • Easy to use and spray for a perfect finish
  • Suitable for use on various surfaces


  • A more expensive gun paint
  • May require quite a bit of pre-painting preparation


WHEELER Cerama Coat Spray-On Ceramic Coating

If you are after the best gun paint, then Wheeler is always a top brand to consider. This paint is made with a ceramic infused formula to add the highest level of durability possible. The paint will adhere firmly to any kind of gun surface, and will be sure to last a long time. This formula has been designed to resist gun solvents, scratching, and chipping.

Not only will the flat dark earth color look amazing on any firearm, but it will also add a necessary layer of weatherproof protection. The paint is compatible with all types of gun metal, and it will provide a seriously supeously strong finish to help preserve the gun. The paint is easy to apply, and it offers superb, premium results every time.

WHEELER CERAMA Coat Spray-On Ceramic Coating
  • A ceramic infused formula that crosslinks with the base material
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratching, chipping, and gun solvents
  • Suitable for customizing and weatherproofing guns
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  • A specially formulated gun paint for various materials
  • Can weatherproof any guns finish
  • Very easy to apply
  • A highly resistant formula
  • Enhanced with a ceramic infusion
  • A good color match


  • Requires quite a complicated baking process
  • Not as durable as some other gun paints


KRYLON ColorMaster Paint and Primer

This is one of the most classic spray paints out there. Even though this Krylon spray paint is used for all kinds of general DIY jobs, it is still one of the best gun paints available. The Krylon ColorMaster Paint and Primer is known for its high levels of adhesion, durability, and coverage. The paint can be used on metal, plastic, wood, and more. The paint dries really quickly, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The Krylon ColorMaster Paint and Primer offers a classic black finish for firearms. It is durable enough to apply to guns, and it is really easy to achieve a perfect finish. This paint is also a great value for money option when compared to specialist firearm spray paints.

KRYLON ColorMaster Paint + Primer
  • For use on plastic, metal, wood and more
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Dries in 10 minutes or less
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  • Very easy to use for a perfect finish
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent adhesion qualities for various surfaces
  • Offers a high level of weathering resistance


  • Not a specially formulated paint for firearms
  • Some paints last longer when applied to guns


RUST-OLEUM Specialty Camouflage Spray

If you are looking for the ultimate camouflage paint for your gun, then look no further than Rust-Oleum’s specialty camouflage spray paints. This oil-based formula provides an incredibly durable finish for a wide range of materials. This includes metal, wood, plastic, and others. The fast drying paint comes in a variety of terrain-appropriate camouflage colors to let you get completely creative when painting your gun.

This paints is non-reflective with an ultra flat finish. Besides perfectly blending into the terrain, these colors are also incredibly durable, and will hold up on your gun in all kinds of weather conditions. If you are interested in blending your gun to the environment while hunting, then we highly recommend using this specially formulated camouflage paint range by Rust-Oleum.

RUST-OLEUM Specialty Camouflage Spray
  • Non-reflective, dead flat paint that blends with natural terrain
  • Durable finish designed for hunting and sporting equipment
  • Oil-based and touch-dry in 20 minutes and covers up to 7 sq. ft.
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  • Available in various colors to suit all terrains
  • Durable, oil-based formula
  • Strong adhesion properties to various surfaces
  • Flat and non-reflective finish
  • Great value for money
  • Wont easily chip or peel


  • Requires a primer
  • Colors do not always meet expectations
  • Need to buy multiple colors to achieve a camouflage pattern



What to Consider When Buying the Best Gun Paint

Finding the best gun paint depends on a variety of different factors. Forearm paint needs to be specially formulated for the purpose. Otherwise, you will end up with a gun that can crack, peel, blister, and won’t last very long. To make it easier for you to choose the best gun paint, we have outlined some of the most important buying considerations below.

firearm spray paint



One of the first, and possibly the most important, considerations to look into is the level of durability of the paint. The best gun paint needs to be seriously strong and durable for all kinds of conditions. You need to be able to use the gun outdoors in any type of weather without this affecting the paint. If the paint is not durable enough, it will start to crack or peel away. This is the last thing you want from your gun finish. Instead, you want to use a product that helps to maintain and preserve the gun.

Durability includes impact resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and more. The paint should be UV protected for best results outdoors. It should also be able to withstand high levels of heat. When looking for gun barrel paint, durability is one of the key considerations for a successful product.



Your options for creativity and design are only limited by the colors you have available. If you are learning how to camouflage a gun with spray paint, then you will probably need a range of different colors to choose from. The best gun paint comes in a selection of options to make sure that you can achieve the exact look that you envisioned.

Some paints are only available in very limited colors – such as a classic black. Others come in sets of colors that have been created to complement each other. You can also get specially designed camo kits that are created for blending into the environment. The colors available are really important, because the whole reason to paint your firearm is to bring it a new life with color.



The best gun paint needs to easily and firmly stick to the surface you will be painting on. The adhesion properties of the paint refer to what surfaces it can be used on, and how well it sticks to them. Not all types of paint are suitable for all surfaces, so this is important to pay attention to when buying gun spray paint.

First, make sure that the paint will work with the materials that your gun is made from. Generally, spray paints can work on a wide range of metals, wood, and plastics. Then you will also need to consider what kind of preparation might be needed in order for the paint to adhere properly. Some paints can just be sprayed onto any clean surface and left to dry, while others require a lot more surface preparation. Finally, there is the question of how long the paint will last. The best gun paint should have very strong adhesion properties that won’t result in the paint peeling away over time.


Heat Resistance

When looking for the best gun barrel paint, you will need to make sure that it can hold up to high temperatures and extreme temperature fluctuations. Guns can produce a great deal of heat when fired, and you don’t want this to affect the finish of the paint. The best gun paint should be designed to withstand plenty of use on hot metal without forming any cracks or peeling away. A great option for this is automotive, or engine, paint, as this is specially formulated for use on car parts that generate plenty of heat.



Different types of paint are available in different finishes. Make sure that you pay attention to this when choosing the paint, because the wrong finish can really change the entire appearance of the gun. Some finishes to choose from include gloss paints, semi-gloss, and dull/flat or matte finishes. Even if these are all in the exact same color shade, the different finish will result in an entirely different effect.

If you are camouflaging your paint for hunting, then you will want to use a matte, or very dull finish. This is because this type of finish will not reflect any light or create any sparkle or shine. Other people prefer a bit of gloss to their firearm finish, and would rather avoid the flat effect of matte paints.

best gun paint


Application Method

As already outlined above, spray paint for guns is always preferred, as this allows you to get a perfectly even, smooth coating. Spray paint is not always the same though, and the different cans can make a huge impact in the overall appearance of your gun. The paint can should be versatile for application. This means that it should allow you to spray it at any angle to achieve a smooth finish on all areas and details of the gun. You also want a nicely focused paints stream so that you don’t end up creating a big mess of overspray while painting. If the paint can sprays too wide, then you may end up painting things that you don’t want to.

You can also buy the paint for gun just as paint, and mix it together yourself for application in an airbrush. This is also a good option as it gives you slightly more control over how the paint is mixed and applied. Of course, this also means more steps and more effort when preparing for the painting.



There are all kinds of different paint formulas. You get water-based paints, oil-based paints, acrylics, latex, enamel, and so on. Finding the best formula for painting guns is important. Generally speaking, the best gun paint is oil-based. This provides a greater level of durability and adhesion over various surfaces. Oil-based spray paint si also more resistant to weathering and heavuy use, so it will last a longer length of time.

The downside to solvent-based paints is that they are more toxic. They contain a high level of VOCs ad produce trong odors. Always make sure that you wear the right safety gear when working with this type of spray paint to avoid inhaling any dangerous fumes.



The best gun paint is not just for looking good, but it is also designed to offer an important layer of protection over your firearm. Firearm paint should provide a protective coating for the surface underneath. This should include things like rust protection and weather resistance.

Also pay attention to whether you can clean and wipe the paint. You will want to keep your firearm clean without having to worry about wiping away the paint. Paint is not just decorative, but it also forms an important sealing barrier over the underlying metal.



Your firearm can be an expensive investment, so you will need to make sure that you ,look after it properly. Of course, we are limited by our own personal budget. When it comes to the price of paint, you get what you pay for. The best gun paint specially formulated for the purpose will be more expensive, but it should last longer and provide a superior finish. You can get more affordable general spray paint which works well, but this is not always as long-lasting or sleek looking as paint designed for a gun. If you are after the best uality, then don’t be afraid to spend a little bit extra. This may also save you plenty of money in the long run.

firearm paint



How to Camouflage a Gun With Spray Paint

Now that we know what to look for in the best gun paint, it’s time to start painting. There are many different reasons for painting a gun, but we are going to assume that you want to know how to camouflage a gun with spray paint in our tutorial below. This covers all of the necessary steps for any typical process of how to paint a gun.


Make Sure the Gun is Safe

Before going ahead with any work on your firearm, start by making sure that it is disarmed and safe to use. Ensure the gun is not loaded and that safety is turned on. Even though the gun should be inactive when painting it, always handle it very carefully.

For painting a gun, you may need to paint each individual part separately. If possible, try to disassemble the gun to get each separate part alone for painting. This will make sure that you don’t miss any spots and get a perfect color coating on each area.


Prepare the Surface

Now its time to get the surface of the gun ready for painting. If there is already paint on the gun, this might need to be removed. You can wipe this away with a suitable paint stripper or thinner. Check the new paint you are using to see if it can be applied over existing paint, because you might not need to remove the paint layer. If there is any cracked, peeling, or blistering paint though, then this should be scraped away to achieve a perfectly even surface.

Then you will need to make sure that the gun is completely clean. You cant paint over dirt, dust, grease, or oil. Wipe down the entire gun with a strong cleaning solution to get rid of all dirt on its surface. Then leave this to dry completely before moving ahead.


Prepare the Paint

Most of the best paint for guns needs preparation before use. This often involves mixing a hardener into the paint. The best spray cans have a release button that mixes the hardener straight into the can. This is seriously easy to use. If you are preparing paint for an airbrush, then mix together the paint and add in your pigments or dye to get it the right color. Then load up your airbrush and you should be ready to start painting.


Covering the Gun

The last step before applying the paint is covering the areas of the gun that you don’t want painted. Use masking tape to protect any areas or surfaces that you don’t want colored. Also cover any surrounding surfaces or furniture that you want to protect.

If you are camouflaging the gun in a specific design, you should set off different color patches with paint. For a classic camo design, you will need different areas of different camo colors. This can be sectioned off with masking tape.



Now you can start to apply the paint. Spray the paint gently over the surface of the gun until you get a perfectly even finish. Don’t hold the can in one area for too long to avoid drips or runs. Constantly move the can in a slow motion until you get a perfectly consistent coverage. When the entire area is evenly coated, leave the paint to dry.

Now you can apply your second coat. Follow the same process as above until you get the right finish. Then leave this to dry completely again. Often, two coats is the right amount, but you may need to apply more depending on the paint.



Now you can carefully remove any masking tape and the gun should be ready. Some paints will require an additional step of baking the paint. If this is the case, follow the products instructions on this very carefully. Otherwise, you can reassemble the gun and you should be left with a firearm that looks brand new.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is it a Good Idea to Repaint Guns?

Yes, painting your gun is a great way to achieve a brand new finish and maintain your firearm. Follow the rights steps and you can easily achieve a perfect finish.


Can You Use Any Spray Paint on Guns?

Most types of spray paint can be used on guns, but they will probably wear away quickly. Rather use specially designed firearm spray paint for this purpose.


Why Should You Paint a Gun?

Painting a gun can be done for camouflage, enhancing the guns appearance, or maintain and restoring an old finish.


Knowing how to paint a gun can be a very useful thing for firearm owners to know. The best gun paint can completely transform your firearm into a product that feels brand new. We hope that our guide above has equipped you with everything you needed to know about gun spray paint.