Best Glue for Metal to Wood – How to Attach Metal to Wood

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Whether you are a professional carpenter or just someone that loves arts and crafts, at some time or other you might need some glue that will stick metal to wood. It is important to choose the best glue for metal to wood, as not all glues available on the market will be able to provide a permanent bond when gluing these two substrates. As there is such a wide variety of glue, in this article, we will be helping you select the best glue for metal to wood.    




Glue Metal to Wood

Is it possible to glue metal to wood or wood to metal? Trying to glue wood to metal can become a little bit tricky, as both surfaces are different in porosity and density. This means that the wood can contract and expand much more than the metal, making a secure bond difficult.

Trying to glue anything to metal can be a challenge, so you must choose the correct adhesive that can glue wood to metal successfully. When choosing glue, you will need to read the labels very carefully. Although it may seem difficult to form a bond between wood and metal, if you use the correct glue there should be no problem in making it stick and last.

The most important properties you are looking for in gluing metal to wood adhesives are:

  • Flexibility
  • Tensile strength
  • Temperature
  • Water-resistant

glue wood to metal



What Is the Best Metal to Wood Glue?

We all agree that there are many glue products out there, and the decision to choose the right one for your project can be a daunting task. We are here to help with choosing the best metal to wood adhesive and give you our best choices with all their benefits and disadvantages, as well as methods of application.

glue metal to wood


Best Overall Glue for Metal to Wood – LOCTITE Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

The LOCTITE Company has been manufacturing sealants and adhesives for more than 50 years. Their products are all backed by a dedicated research team and an obligation to uncompromising quality and innovation. This dedication has secured them the reputation of producing products that have proven results and trusted performance.

The LOCTITE Super Glue Ultra Gel is ideal for fixing any broken items around the home, office, and also for various crafting projects. It is specially designed and is rubber toughened and has an immediate setting.

LOCTITE Ultra Gel Control Super Glue
  • Rubber-toughened, instant adhesive is ideal for a variety of surfaces
  • Resists impact, shock, vibration, and temperature extremes
  • Glue dries clear and sets without clamping
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This glue or adhesive can resist the following:

  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Temperature extremes
  • Impact


The glue can also resist moisture, most chemicals, as well as temperatures below zero, which makes it ideal for outdoor and constant harsh weather conditions.

The LOCTITE Super Glue Ultra Gel can be used effectively on materials such as plastic, leather, wood, paper, ceramics, rubber, and also metal. It will set in one minute, which gives you enough time to align your parts before it sets completely. Once completely set it will give you a durable, long-lasting, and flexible bond that has an extremely high tensile strength.

The glue is clear when set and requires no clamping of the pieces before setting. The gel formulation keeps the glue where you applied it and does not drip or run, which is ideal for use on any vertical surface, as a filler for minor gaps as well as for porous surfaces.

This Super Glue is supplied in a side squeeze container that provides for maximum control, pinpoints accuracy as well as air-tight storage. The side squeeze design allows you to comfortably grip the container and squeeze out just the right amount of adhesive you require with no mess. It is also supplied with a self-piercing, screw-on cap that will stop the nozzle from clogging up and keep the adhesive fresh.


  • Is effective on most materials
  • Requires no clamping of pieces
  • Has a very high tensile strength
  • Can effectively be used on vertical surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Impact and moisture resistant
  • Once cured is very flexible


  • It has a fairly thick consistency, which makes it difficult to spread


Premium Choice Glue for Metal to Wood – GORILLA 2-Part Epoxy

Epoxy adhesive is regarded as the strongest in the range of reactive adhesives. This product is a two-part epoxy that has a resin and a hardener, which need to be mixed before application. The syringe containing the Epoxy has two separate barrels, one containing the resin and the other holding the hardener. This ensures that the hardener and resin are kept separate and they will not harden after some time. The syringe is easy to use, and once the epoxy has hardened it forms an extremely durable and strong bond.

The GORILLA Epoxy can be used for any automotive or household repairs and once hardened is resistant to water and solvents. It can also withstand cold or hot weather conditions and dries completely within five minutes, which gives you ample time to position your pieces.

GORILLA 2-Part Epoxy
  • Strong, permanent, fast, and gap-filling epoxy glue
  • Cures quickly, dries, clear, and is great for multi-surface application
  • For tough repairs requiring a durable bond and solvent resistance
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This two-part epoxy formulation provides an extremely strong bond with many different types of materials like wood, steel, glass, tiles, most plastics, ceramics, and aluminum, and dries with a clear finish. This adhesive product is preferred by many and is considered the best option of how to attach metal to wood.

The Epoxy is also an excellent choice for permanent and fast gap filling, as well as being versatile for numerous surface applications. It is best applied in temperatures ranging from 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and is good for use indoors, but is preferred for outdoor use.


  • Sets within five minutes
  • Can be used for outdoor or indoor use
  • Is water and solvent resistant
  • Can withstand a certain amount of moisture
  • Dries to a clear hard finish
  • Is effective when used on numerous types of materials


  • Only works effectively when used on certain types of metals, namely aluminum, and steel


Best Value for Money Glue for Metal to Wood: J-B WELD KwikWeld

J-B Weld 8246 KwikWeld is an epoxy glue that has a reinforced steel formulation, which gives it an exceptionally high bonding strength of 2424 PSI. This quick setting steel reinforced epoxy can also withstand as much as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of epoxy is effective for large or small projects, and with its quality and high-performance capabilities, is regarded as the world’s strongest bond.

As it is epoxy, the resin and hardener must be mixed by hand at a ratio of 1:1, which can be fairly messy. It is also an extremely quick-drying adhesive, as it sets in only six minutes and is completely dry in 6 hours. You will also notice that it dries to a dark grey color. This product is ideal for repairing automotive, household, craft, plumbing, toys, outdoor equipment and marine items, and lots more.

J-B WELD KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy
  • Provides strong, lasting repairs to multiple surfaces
  • It takes 6 minutes to set and 4-6 hours to cure
  • Tensile strength of 3127 PSI and can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenhei
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J-B Weld KwikWeld is a product that can adhere, with a permanent bond, to almost all types of materials such as ceramics, tiles, concrete, and fiberglass, wood, plastic, PVC, and metal.  Once properly set you can sand it, drill it, tap it, and shape it. The product is also waterproof and can resist things like acid, various chemicals, and petroleum.


  • Can withstand extremely high temperatures
  • Exceptionally high tensile strength
  • Is very effective on almost all types of materials
  • Can be molded and worked on after curing
  • Is very fast setting


  • Needs to be mixed by hand, which can prove to be rather messy



Guide to the Application of Glue for Metal to Wood

Here we will help and show you how to attach metal to wood. Before you start applying any glue to a surface, you first need to make sure the adhesive you are going to use is meant to bond metal to wood. This means that you need to read the label on the product very carefully, as not all adhesives can be used to bond metal to wood. All three of the glue products we have reviewed above are all intended for bonding wood to metal, or plastics, ceramics, and a whole lot more.

gluing metal to wood




  • WorkSpace: You first need to prepare your workspace and ensure that the area is clean and dry and all the equipment you need is near at hand
  • Wood: Remove all dust, grease, paint, or oil from the wood surface and make sure it is dry. Tape places off where you the glue should not go
  • Metal: Ensure the metal surface is clean from all dust, oil, paint, or rust, then using 120-grit sandpaper roughen the metal surface slightly to allow the epoxy to grab onto the surface

bond metal to wood



The application of the Super Glue differs from that of the Epoxy Glue, so we will be guiding you through the application for both types of glue.


Super Glue

  • Just hold the container in your hand and squeeze the sides of the bottle
  • Apply a small amount of the glue to only one of the surfaces
  • Now join the metal to the wood and grip together for around one minute
  • Allow the job to stand for around five minutes to make sure the bond is secure


Epoxy Glue

  • Mix the resin with the hardener normally at a ratio of 1:1 onto a clean, dry, and disposable surface or container
  • Apply to a surface within five minutes
  • Now join the metal to the wood and if the job requires clamping, clamp the two items together
  • Leave for 30 minutes, and it will thoroughly cure within 24 hours



Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Use Ordinary Wood Glue to Bond Wood to Metal?

This is not a good idea because ordinary wood glue is specially designed to be used on porous materials, and metal is not porous, so the bond will not be effective.


How Do You Bond Metal to Wood?

First, all surfaces should be cleaned and then left to dry thoroughly. Apply the adhesive as directed on the container and leave the glue to set completely. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer.


Can Super Glue Be Used to Glue Wood to Metal?

Yes, in most cases the superglue sets rapidly, so you need to apply quickly. Super glue is a bonding agent and is used to fix a variety of items.


Is There a Superior Glue That Will Bond Metal to Wood?

Many craft enthusiasts and home repairers say super glue is best for these types of jobs. When it comes to the professional and larger projects, then the epoxy glue is preferred as it forms a bond that can be worked on after setting.


What Is Wrong if the Super Glue Does Not Bond?

Make sure that both surfaces are clean and dry; we recommend that you use some acetone to remove all dirt, oil, or paint. Some woods contain dark tannic acid which will hinder the curing process, make use of some activator to remove all oily substances from the wood.


Are There Some Materials Where Super Glue Does Not Work?

Yes, you should not use super glue on polypropylene, plastics, polyethylene, and foam, as the chemicals in the glue will dissolve the material.


What Glue Can Be Used at Extremely Low Temperatures?

Most adhesives need to be applied when the temperature is 5 degrees or more and some adhesives only harden at higher temperatures.


Is Epoxy Adhesive Conductive?

The epoxy adhesive hardens to a dark grey color and does not conduct electricity.


What Can I Use to Take Off Any Excess Glue?

Before the adhesive cures and goes hard, you can use acetone to take off any residue. However, once it has cured you can only remove it by scraping, sanding, or cutting away.