Bartop Epoxy – Your Guide for a perfect Bar Top Coating

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Epoxy is a substance valued for its durability. People have begun to use epoxy as a bar top coating for several reasons. One of the reasons why epoxy is a favorable choice of substance is because it is a nonporous substance.  It does not reflect any stains on the bar top due to its very nature. It does not accumulate any debris, bacteria, nor does it stain easily. It is a bar top material that can also be easily cleaned adding to the substance’s impeccable versatility.




Best Bartop Epoxy


ProMarine for Table Tops

Almost all Do It Yourself experts agree that using the ProMarine brand of epoxy is best. Despite making an appearance fairly recently in the epoxy limelight, the brand has already managed to harness the support and trust of consumers. The brand also promises a top-quality substance. One of the best kinds of epoxy from the ProMarine brand is the Crystal Clear Bar Top Resin. The bar top clear coat is considered the ideal epoxy type which satisfies all your coating needs. This type of epoxy comes in the form of a kit. A hardener is included in the kit. The reason the ProMarine brand is loved is that it can coat any piece of wooden furniture. The epoxy has a luster that provides a beautiful finish to any surface.


Pro Marine Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin
  • High-quality crystal clear Table Top Epoxy
  • 100% Solid Material with no VOC and  solvent additives
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio, once cured very hard surface
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The formula is made in such a way that it protects surfaces from the harmful rays of the sun. Surfaces are also made to be water-resistant. Both the UV ray protection feature and it’s water-resistant ability makes it possible for the resin to be used on outside surfaces as well.

An additional advantage of this specific epoxy is that it cannot be scratched easily. Since most surfaces are prone to scratches because of family members and pets, this particular epoxy is the best bar top coating.

If you are worried that the bar top is where your food and drink will be placed, realize that the FDA added their approval stamp to this type of epoxy. Knowing this fact has made many other users more prone to buy this epoxy for their bar tops, as well as for wooden food tables. While the ProMarine substance can be used on most surfaces, it is not advisable to use the epoxy to coat wooden spoons.


RTG brand of epoxy

For those DIY enthusiasts who value the durability of a product, the RTG brand is favored. The sheen produced by the RTG brand is impressive, creating a water-like appearance to laminate bar tops. An added bonus of the RTG kit is that it is also a scratch-resistant alternative because of the hardness of the substance. Almost any object can be deliciously coated with this type of epoxy including fridge magnets, or old pennies. The yellowish substance allows you to customize almost any item and substance.

The reason why many coating beginners opt for this particular brand is that the manufacturers considered novice users when making the epoxy ensuring that it would be effortless to use. The kit includes a hardener and the resin which needs to be amalgamated in equal parts. Thereafter the amalgamated mixture can simply be poured on surfaces.


RTG Bartop and  Tabletop Epoxy Resin for Coating
  • Waterproof, ultra-clear epoxy resin for bartop, countertop, and tabletop coating
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume. Compatible with colorants for epoxy resin. Cured material will not blush like other epoxies, and resists heat better than varnish.
  • RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy is UV-resistant
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The act of pouring the mixture may cause bubbles to appear on the surface. However, these bubbles do not stay on the surface and pop quickly thereafter. Underneath the resin, there will be some other bubbles. To eliminate the bubbles, hot air can be used.

The RTG bartop epoxy is desirable due to its heat resistance properties. If you coat a kitchen item like a tray, you can put a mug of piping hot tea on it. The epoxy can handle temperatures up until 125°F.

bartop material resin


The East Coast Resin brand

This clear brand of epoxy is loved by many as it takes the least amount of time to dry. Within 16-20 hours of waiting time, the cured surface looks ideal. Again the curing time is but estimation, and the wait will depend on how many layers of the epoxy you have applied. It is still considered a quick fix regardless of the number of coats.

When working with the East Coast Resin brand makes sure to pack on the coating layers for outdoor substances and equipment. Using the resin will create a crystal clear finish and simultaneously remedy crawling, and craters.


EAST COAST EPOXY Resin Super Gloss Coating and Tabletops
  • East Coast Crystal Clear Epoxy for Coating Bartops, Tabletops, and Countertops
  • Provides a rich super gloss look and protects from scratching and air humidity
  • New improved UV resistance formula, a 1:1 ratio by volume, Work time is 30-35 min.
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Most countertops look visibly better when the resin is applied. It seems that the resin works at creating livelier objects.

The formula was created with the idea of allowing people to use it without needing any masks. Therefore the substance is entirely odorless.

There have been recognizable qualities when it comes to this product which is arguably better than other traditional resin brands. The engineers at East Coast were hard at work when producing this product, and took all the client consideration into account.

The product is also scratch-resistant. This and the fact that water cannot seep through the covered surface or ruin it makes the brand a desirable option in comparison to other epoxy brands.

It is recommended that this type of epoxy be used on bar tops, wooden table tops, countertops. It is also advisable to use when coating any other creative work of art. The best part of this bar top epoxy is that anyone can use it.

bar top material



Epoxy factors to consider

If you have decided to visit a store and purchase epoxy glue for curing, then rest assured below are some important considerations to keep in mind. Knowing these factors is beneficial in the long run.


Ultraviolet Rays Aspect

It is assumable that due to the nature of the epoxy paste, the sun’s UV rays can damage surfaces.  The sun will probably turn clear epoxy to a burnt yellow. Hence it is vital to choose an epoxy that is UV resistant. The label will clearly state whether the epoxy can handle the sun’s rays or not. This needs to be considered from the onset especially if you are coating objects outdoors

If the label does not tell you that the epoxy is protected from the sun, make sure the objects are kept indoors away from the sun.


Coverage of the resin

On the packaging, you will notice that coverage capacity is mentioned. Coverage capacity tells you how much glue is contained in the kit. In this way, you will note that any kit that offers epoxy resin greater than 25 sq. ft will mean that you will be getting a good deal.

The formula needs to be perfect for you to get the coverage capacity promised on the container.  Many resin brands have information about the estimated coverage area and in this way can provide you with information about what you need for a DIY project. You can also check out our Epoxy resin calculator to calculate the amount of resin you need for your project.

bar top clear coat



Being new to using epoxy, you need to ensure that usage is relatively easy. If an epoxy has an easily understood mixing option, choose that epoxy brand. If the instructions for mixing are simplified than even novices can do it easily.

Keeping the exact mentioned ratios when mixing is vital to ensure you get the best results. If the mixture is not correctly mixed, the results won’t be satisfying and the effects of the resin will be negligible.



The desired effect that you want to achieve when applying the bar top clear coat is based on your personal taste. Most people like the glossy shiny effect that is achieved because sheen brightens the surface as well and does laminate bar tops.

In fact, the real reason as to why most people decide to use epoxy glue is because they want this shiny surface finish. A crystal clear finish product is best if this result is what you want to achieve. The resin you want to use for this task is one with a mirror shine finish.


Resistance to water

Wood and water do not match well, so this fact must definitely be considered when getting epoxy to be used as a bar top coating. A water-resistant epoxy ensures the longevity of the surface that you choose to protect. A water-resistant formula maintains a beautiful appearance for longer.


Resistant to blush

When you apply epoxy to any surface, blush results. Thus changing the color of the wood and resulting in an unpleasant surface. It is therefore advisable to buy epoxy that is blush resistant. Be cautious when it comes to purchasing an epoxy. To ensure your surface stays protected and aesthetically pleasing for longer always buy blush resistant products.


No scratches

To avoid getting scratches on your protected surfaces, choose a scratch-resistant epoxy. The appearance of the protective surface looks better if you choose this option.

bartop epoxy


Matching materials for your bartop epoxy?

Do you want to laminate bar tops? Which bar top material will you use?

The idea of using epoxy is to refinish a table or to use as a bar top epoxy to get it looking better and more protected. It is believed that epoxy can restore the appearance of the surface, object, or floors. The truth is it you cannot go to the shop and expect to purchase laminated bar tops. The two types of bar tops are the epoxy and the Corian bar top. Both these types seem like solid surface bar tops.

One of the reasons people opt for the resin is because of the durability of the resin. The substance is known to not get scratched easily.

The resin looks incredible through all seasons and can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Formica
  • Laminate
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Granite or marble tops which already has a shiny appearance and does not need resin. Recreation of the granite or marble top effect is, however, achievable if the correct type of epoxy is used. It makes a world of difference which bartop epoxy you choose to settle for.  When it comes to concrete type bar tops the epoxy works for as a sealer.



A how-to guide for epoxy bar tops

An epoxy kit that you use by yourself is formed with resin and hardener. The resin and hardener are in liquid form and becomes solid once it has been mixed.  The state of matter transformation means that the substance becomes hard very easily. This is often stated as one of the main disadvantages when working with bar top epoxy.

The epoxy once applied produces a crystal-clear finish. A suggestion is to add about an eighth of the shiny protective coating into the mixture. This amount depends on how much epoxy gets used.

For most of you, you would like to do the task yourself. In this way, you can create intricate designs with epoxy. The thing about working with epoxy is that you cannot predict the outcome. Sometimes if you are nervous about the DIY option, you can always rope in an expert.

bar top coating


The way to apply epoxy for bartops

The application of epoxy requires 3 steps: preparation, thorough mixing, and application.

  • Ensure your work on a tidy bar top surface. Remove any debris to avoid creating an unpleasant finish.
  • Use a plastic sheet when working on the bar top to avoid spilling the epoxy on cupboards or staining the floor. It is not uncommon for the substance to run down towards unwanted areas so make sure to protect the surface that does not require the epoxy first.
  • Apply a thin layer first. This application step creates a protective seal. The flooding process happens when you apply the first layer. The reason we start with a thin layer is to prevent bubbles from appearing.
  • Be wary of hardening epoxy. Although resin and hardener are both liquids, they quickly harden once mixed. Within half an hour, the mixture will completely harden. Ensure no bubble exists from the onset. Use heat to get rid of bubbles.
  • The first layer of epoxy must be set before you reapply. Let the first coat rest for a good few hours before adding more epoxy. After 24 hours you will have a stunningly finished bar top.



Advantages and Disadvantages of epoxy bar tops

While it is important to stress why you would want to use epoxy on bar tops, there are cons as well. It is vital to be well versed with both the pros and cons before starting the process.


Pros of epoxy bar tops

  • A pleasurable finish that lasts long.

The mixture results in a harder substance formulated that when applied as a bar top coating it lasts long. There is no need for regular reapplication on the bar top surfaces. The finish produced is highly desirable and stands above other coating substances for bar tops. There are hardly ever any undesirable cracks to the bar top.


  • Shiny finish

The epoxy bar top coating provides the surface with a glossy finish. The finish does lose its sheen over time but applying mineral oil can produce the required finish.

laminate bar top


  • Designing

The reason, why epoxy is mentioned as a dream for DIY enthusiasts to work with, is because of the design possibilities, it offers.


  • Flawlessly easy process

Using epoxy means you can easily achieve the flawless finish you require without any bubbles.


  • Ability to handle the heat

The bar top needs not to be only the place for cold fizzy drinks but warm dishes too. With the bar top coating, one can rest assured that a heated pot won’t result in a damaged surface. Certain brands of epoxy are resistant to heat. On most epoxy resins, you cannot put cups with boiling water in it.


  • Free of toxins

It is important to keep the bar top free of toxic substances because food and drink are often placed on the bar top. While certain finished surfaces contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), epoxy does not leave these VOCs on the surface after application. You must allow for proper ventilation immediately after application just to ensure all VOCs evaporates.


  • Simple cleaning process

The way to clean the bar top is relatively simple. Almost any cleaning substance can be used without causing harm to the epoxy. Since epoxy is nonporous there is a rare chance that you would get mold.  The cleaner that is often endorsed for cleaning bar tops is the puracy cleaner. The reason it is preferred is as it is a natural cleanser.

how to repair epoxy resin countertops



Cons of epoxy surfaces

  • Not as easy to apply

While all sounds well and good, the epoxy is hard to apply. Especially if it is your first time working with the bar top epoxy kit, there is bound to be some fear of messing up the finished product. The process is often messy especially if it is your first time using both the epoxy and hardener.

It is recommended that you do a few test runs before actually applying the epoxy to laminate bar tops.

It is important to create a steady application surface, so no bubbles form. Being too hasty when you are applying may force you to remove the epoxy after application. This is never an ideal situation and will result in wasted product.

The thing about epoxy is it is a self-leveling substance. It is bound to drip down surfaces when being applied. This is why you must prepare for unwanted spills and drips.


  • Takes time

Being quite difficult to apply and master during the first application process, you must note that it takes a great amount of time to get a surface ready. Sanding is important prior to application so that smooth application can occur thereafter. Ensure the bar top is clean and free from stains and other scratches. Make sure to cover all surfaces before actually trying to get the surfaces clean.

A tip would be to purchase pre-taped plastic sheeting. This is an effortless option when cleaning surfaces. Also, ensure you count in proper curing time.


  • No redo’s

The internet is flooded with incredible patterns that you can make with epoxy. The downfall of playing around with patterns is eventually it may end up looking like a child’s work of art. If you mess up the first time it is not as easy to keep redoing your bar top. This would mean additional costs being incurred and more time being wasted.

An idea is to start off without being too adventurous with your design. Rather apply the simple is the best principle when working with epoxy.


  • The quality that is not always best

The truth is different epoxy brands will yield different results. There are far too many epoxy brands that do not rank highly on the quality scale. Certain brands are not heat resistant or result in a finish that does not show quality.

Your tip is to check the quality of the epoxy when you pouring the substance. A runny liquid means the quality is not up to standard. The thick consistency is what you seek from your bar top epoxy. The thinner layer may not result in the desired finish that you seek.

Always source as much information as you about the bar top material brand that you want to purchase.


  • Staining

All spills must be cleaned initially to ensure that the epoxy is long-lasting. Try to avoid leaving stains of any sort for too long on your bar top.



Cleaning of bar tops

These bar top surfaces are rather simple to clean. A range of cleaning products is available that do not hinder surfaces in any way. Try to follow this guide when cleaning your bar top:

  • Do not use harsh cleaning equipment. This may cause scratches on the surface or produce swirls on the bar top. Try to not use waxes on these surfaces. Puracy cleaners work well.
  • To foster an ideal shine.  To ensure a better shine, add a small amount of mineral oil on the bar top so that the surface’s appearance does not lose its shine. Using too much mineral oil does not maintain shine but causes an adverse reaction. Wipe any excess mineral oil off immediately with a cloth. There is a chance of stain with epoxy but yet again the quality of the epoxy depends on how much stain happens.
  • Goodbye stains. Always wipe away any spills with a cloth. A baking soda paste will also help to eliminate stains on the bar top. This is essential especially when you have spotted a stain too late. To make the paste: add more water to the baking soda, and apply it directly on the stain. Give the paste time to dissolve into the stain before you remove the stain with a cloth. Paint thinner works to get rid of tougher stains. Acetone can also prevent more stains from occurring.
  • Say no to bleach. While many people resort to using bleach to get rid of anything. Bleach is never an ideal option for bar tops.