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How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin – Epoxy Bubble Buster Tips

How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

  Resin is an exciting material to work with, and there are so many projects you can do using resin from making river tables, jewelry, forms and shapes like stars or hearts, coasters, flower pots, pen holders, and even tabletops to list just a few of the possibilities. Sadly, when you have worked hard mixing, […]

How to Remove Lacquer From Wood – Tips for Stripping Varnish Easily

How to Remove Lacquer from Wood

  These days, there are loads of ways to go about protecting your surfaces from external forces like wind, rain, or intense heat during those harsh summer months. Some of the most popular ways to protect wooden surfaces in particular are by applying oil-based paints, acrylic paints, epoxy resin coatings, and for those who prefer […]

Best Resin Coaster Molds – How to Cast Epoxy Coasters

Best Resin Coaster Molds

  Resin coasters are fun to make and are amazing, one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends. Each resin coaster can easily be customized to create something unique. You will need a few things to get you started including a silicone coaster mold. There are many silicone molds to choose from, so we have provided you […]

Best Deep Pour Epoxy – Your Guide to Deep Casting Resin

Best Deep Pour Epoxy

  There are various types of epoxy resins on the market, and each type has its specific purpose. However, we will be focusing more on the deep pour epoxy resin or deep casting resin. These types of pourable epoxy have been specially developed for casting into molds or whatever other application you have in mind. […]

Best Stain for Redwood – Enhance, Protect, and Maintain Your Redwood

Best Stain for Redwood

  The Redwood National Park was established in California in 1968. It was created to protect and preserve the area’s redwood trees which had been dwindling at the time, with 90% of them having been lost to bad population/regrowth methods and foresting practices. Redwood is an indigenous plant to the US and holds significant cultural […]

Painting Over Varnished Wood – Reviving Old Woodwork With Paint

Painting Over Varnished Wood

  Sentimentality is part of what makes us human, it’s one of our most endearing qualities, but there are certain instances where it works against us. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to let go of things we’ve had for a long time, whether they remind us of happier times or whether they were gifted to […]

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood – Clear Sealants for Wood

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood

  You have just completed a wood-crafted masterpiece, painted it the perfect color, and now you wish to ensure its longevity. The best way to do this is to learn how to seal acrylic paint on wood. Sealing acrylic paint on wood is not the hardest job in the world to complete, but it is […]

Polyester Resin vs. Epoxy Resin – Choose the Right Resin for Your Project

Polyester Resin Vs. Epoxy

  Resin really seems to be peaking in popularity these days, with more and more professional artists and DIY weekend warriors discovering the ever-expanding applications of this amazing medium. This popularity also means that loads of people go into the medium thinking that all resin is the same and that their applications are somewhat universal. […]

What Is Enamel Paint? – Why and How to Paint with Enamel

What is Enamel Paint

  It’s always exciting to change the style of your living space, and painting is a great way to get started. But, you’ve just realized that you need to paint more than just your walls. You want to repaint your doors and windows. Your trim is scuffed and chipped, as are the built-in storage cabinets. […]

Resin Crafts to Sell – From Hobby to Business

Resin Crafts to Sell

  Maybe you have been dabbling with resin for crafts, making gifts for family and friends, and now you want to take it a step further. You want to make resin crafts to sell, but you need a little inspiration and more information before you make that leap. That is why we have gathered a […]

Tung Oil vs. Linseed Oil – The Best Sealer for Your Woodwork

Tung Oil Vs. Linseed Oil

  We have all made significant adjustments to the way we exist, the items we purchase, and what we do with our everyday waste as a result of our understanding of our impact on the ecosystem. This revelation has transformed society and how we see our daily lives, right down to the smallest elements. This […]

Types of Wood Stain – Your Guide to Color Treatments for Wood

Types of Wood Stain

  These days, there are loads of ways you could go about impressively finishing just about any workpiece you could think of. One of the more prominent trends at the moment is wood staining, but with so many wood stains to choose from, it can be challenging to find one that suits your workpiece best. […]

How to Paint Rubber – Paints that Adhere to Rubber

How to Paint Rubber

  Can you paint on rubber? Yes, you can! Painting on rubber is easy! However, there are a few factors you need to consider before slapping on any old goop. Not all types of rubber will accept paint and not all paint is ideal for painting rubber. In this article, we will take a deep […]

How to Remove Epoxy From Concrete – Stripping Resin From Floors

How to Remove Epoxy from Concrete

  Everything seems to be becoming more and more expensive as time goes on. Crafting and DIY in general which used to be a relatively simple and affordable pastime has seen the market saturated with expensive products which can seem slightly ludicrous compared to the simple amenities we were afforded a few years ago. On […]

Resin Coffee Table – Make Your Own Wood and Epoxy Showpiece

Resin Coffee Table

  If you have never seen a resin coffee table, you are in for a treat! Quite possibly the most beautiful trend when it comes to tables of all kinds, these stunning and unique tables crafted from wood and epoxy resin have become extremely popular over the years. Of course, they fetch quite a hefty […]

Best Natural Stone Sealer – How to Protect Your Stone Surfaces

Best Natural Stone Sealer

  Natural stone has fast become one of the most popular choices in interior design. Why? Natural stone offers a simple yet effective means of achieving a modern, minimalist look that still provides an absolute ton of visual impact. Choosing a natural stone for your home or office can be challenging, there are so many […]

Satin vs. Gloss Finish – How to Choose the Ideal Finish

Satin vs. Gloss Finish

  We live in a world where everyone seems to be spoilt for choice. Every facet of our existence is plagued with endless options of color, size, texture, where a product is from, how we’d like our hair done, what lift-sharing company we use, which area we’d like to stay in, and even which filters […]

How to Clean Polyurethane Brushes – Make Your Brushes Last

How to Clean Polyurethane Brush

  Cleaning up is nobody’s favorite chore, but like brushing your teeth or taking out the trash, it’s something that pretty much has to be done if you wish to continue to function effectively. Cleaning your tools can be a drag, whether it be cleaning out the blades of your power saw, cleaning out the […]

How Long Should Stain Dry Before Polyurethane – Sealing Stained Wood

How Long Should Stain Dry Before Polyurethane

  There are two types of people, those wise enough to seal newly stained wood the first time around, and those who discovered way too late that you really should apply sealant to stained wood. Sealing stained wood can essentially give you an indestructible finish, capable of withstanding even the toughest weather conditions while protecting […]

Best Spray Paint for Cars – How to Respray Your Car

Best Spray Paint for Cars

  If you’ve ever found yourself looking at your car and wondering how it went from the pride and joy it was when you first bought it, to the faded, scratched-up shell you see now, you’re not alone. Life tends to get away from us, and we tend to spend more time inside our cars than we […]

Best Paint for Stucco – Exploring the Best Stucco Paint Brands

The Best Exterior Paint for Stucco

  Stucco is a wonderfully durable and low-maintenance coating for walls that is naturally fire-resistant. Choosing to paint stucco walls will make them last even longer by protecting them from prolonged exposure to the elements. However, any old paint will not do. In this article, we will take a look at the nature of stucco […]

Resin Crafting Projects – Best DIY Epoxy Resin Art Ideas

Resin Crafting Projects

  Have you noticed how interest in resin has recently boomed? It is not surprising, given how much time so many of us has had on our hands lately. Jewelry, toys, home decor, you name it, there are innumerable potential resin crafting projects that you can do. Today we will be discussing professional and beginner […]

How to Remove Scratches From Wood Flooring – Easy Floor Repair Tips

How to Remove Scratches from Wood Flooring

  Magnificent hardwood floors may be harmed by routine use. Stepping in high-heel shoes or moving heavy furniture can be problematic, resulting in damages ranging from little scrapes to larger indents. Removing scratches from hardwood floors may simply necessitate a few simple fixes; nevertheless, the process for hardwood floor scratch repairs is based on a […]

Best Spray Paint for Rims and Wheels – Our Wheel Refinishing Guide

Spray Paint for Rims and Wheels

  If you are the lucky owner of a four-wheel vehicle, you probably at some point curbed your wheels. This can be a very upsetting experience regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or not. Sadly, having your wheels resurfaced can be quite a costly activity. Other reasons can result in your wheels requiring refinishing. […]

Spray Paint Door Knobs – Spray Painting Door Knobs Easily

Spray Paint Door Knobs

  They say that doorways are thresholds to new spaces. We spend a lot of time interacting with doors in our daily lives, the function as means to compartmentalize our living spaces, workspaces and provide you with privacy. Do they though? Sure, doors are great dividers of space but the actual privacy and security they […]

Can You Paint Pressure-Treated Wood? – How to Paint Treated Wood

Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood

  Let us say you are a complete beginner to woodworking and you have purchased some treated wood that you later found out was pressure treated. The job you need to compete involves painting the wood, so you ask yourself, can you paint pressure-treated wood? This tutorial is all about how to paint pressure-treated wood. […]

Best Silicone Mold Kit – Exploring the Best Resin Mold Kits Available

Best Silicone Mold Kit

  Throughout our lives, we use synthetic materials for almost everything. We go by each day without thinking about them or how they were made. While yes, their impact on the environment is an issue, modern technological advancements have helped us to adopt more eco-friendly production methods for these synthetic products. Not only does this […]

How to Whitewash Brick – A Simple Guide to Whitewashing Brick

How to Whitewash Brick

  The great thing about unfinished brickwork is that it requires very little maintenance, if any at all! Quite frankly though, exposed brick can look a little harsh, especially when used as an interior feature. Choosing whitewashed brick is a great way to tone down the harsh color of brick as well as bring a […]

How to Waterproof Plywood – Best Methods for Waterproofing Plywood

How to Waterproof Plywood

  You have been set to the task of renovating your family home, and that includes waterproofing some wood. Or, perhaps you have decided to build a structure that needs to be weatherproof, and plywood is your wood of choice. Whatever your reasons for needing to waterproof plywood, the question remains, will it last throughout […]

Best Paint for Metal Doors – How to Paint a Metal Door Easily at Home

Best Paint for Metal Door

  Metal doors provide superior security and durability. Metal doors are for life. Unlike wooden doors, they require fewer repairs, they are fire-resistant and they do a great job of keeping out unwanted noise. Metal doors may last but their paintwork will eventually fade, crack and chip especially if they are subject to weather like […]

How to Remove Paint From Wood – A Guide to Stripping Woodwork

How to Remove Paint From Wood

  Picture this: You have just bought your dream home, but the house needs a bit of tender love and care, and by that, we mean a serious paint job! The rustic look works for a short while, before the peels of old paint start littering your floors, causing shabby appeal. This tutorial is all […]

How to Paint Brick – All You Need to Know About Painting Brick Surfaces

How to Paint Brick

  Most things these days are made of synthetic materials, therefore most coatings like paint, primer, and adhesives are geared towards these types of materials. Before the advent of wood and synthetic construction materials, the most sought-after building material was brick. Painting brick is an age-old tradition, but what is the best way to go […]

How to Paint Plywood – Exploring the Best Paint for Plywood

How to Paint Plywood

  Maybe you are a master decorator who specializes in budget designs for homes that want that upper-end, minimalistic feel. Or, maybe you create stage designs in the theatres that need to be interchangeable for each scene. Both of those are valid reasons for why one should want to learn how to paint on plywood. […]

How to Sand Concrete – The Best Tools for Concrete Sanding

How to Sand Concrete

  Not only is concrete incredibly durable, but it is also versatile. From sidewalks to countertops, concrete is being used more often than ever, and it is also being recognized for its appealing natural aesthetic. Choosing to sand a concrete surface yourself can save you the cost of hiring a professional. With a little guidance […]

Best Gun Paint – Finding and Using the Best Firearm Spray Paint

how to paint a gun

  Restoring a firearm will require a specific type of paint. Not just any paint can be used for creating a brand new and durable finish over your gun. The best gun paint needs to be specially formulated for offering a long-lasting, attractive coating. Learning how to paint a gun is quite a unique process. […]

Epoxy Resin Lamp – Step by Step Resin Lamp Instructions

epoxy wood lamp

  Making a resin lamp is a unique procedure that uses wood and epoxy resin. If you enjoy crafts and DIY, then making your own epoxy resin lamp can be a seriously rewarding process. This is a great combination of creating something useful for the house, as well as an artwork to admire. Let’s unpack […]

How to Make Resin Coasters – Your own DIY Resin Coasters

how to make resin coasters

  Resin arts and crafts are a popular medium these days and it is something anyone can do. There are so many things you can make, but how about making something useful like a coaster? Not only can you make beautiful things for your own house, but you can also protect wooden furniture in the […]

How to Make Resin Dice – Complete Guide to Dice Casting

dice casting

  Of the many interactive activities families do, board games remain an extremely popular choice. However, when you want to play a game and it’s without some dice, it can be a bit frustrating. Creating your own resin dice can add a lovely touch to family game night, and the creative possibilities are literally endless. […]

Radiator Epoxy – Complete Guide for Radiator Crack Repair

radiator epoxy

  Repairing your aluminum radiator can be a daunting task, but you can try to do it yourself using radiator epoxy. The first thing you need to do is locate the leak, the radiator must then be thoroughly clean before you can apply the epoxy. When using epoxy any surface must be free of dirt […]

Gas Tank Repair with Epoxy Putty Compound [Tutorial]

gas tank repair

  How to fix a leaking gas tank? When a tiny hole or leak appears in your fuel tank, it will cause petrol to leak out. This is a waste of your money, but it can also be dangerous. Gas tank leak repairs in your fuel tank can prove to be a difficult job, especially […]

Resin Rings DIY – Your Guide on how to make Resin Rings

resin rings

  A very popular and easy project to begin with is making resin rings. Follow these easy instructions on how to make your own beautiful resin rings.       Popularity of Resin Rings If you are a creative person and like venturing into the world of DIY, making your resin rings is a popular […]

Bartop Epoxy – Your Guide for a perfect Bar Top Coating

bar top epoxy

  Epoxy is a substance valued for its durability. People have begun to use epoxy as a bar top coating for several reasons. One of the reasons why epoxy is a favorable choice of substance is because it is a nonporous substance.  It does not reflect any stains on the bar top due to its […]

Preserving Flowers in Resin – Guide on how to Preserve Flowers in Resin

preserving flowers in resin

  Resin is the perfect method to preserve something special for many years to come. This versatile product remains popular in various artworks, such as the preservation of flowers and their beauty for decorative purposes. By adding flowers in resin, you can create and preserve beautiful mementos, make a special birthday gift or add resin […]

How to clean Epoxy Floor – Helpful Guide for Epoxy Floor Maintenance

how to clean epoxy floor

  Epoxy floors are very durable, but still need the care that our bedroom floors, kitchen floors and bathroom floors need. Epoxy floors are used in a variety of settings inside and outside the home – the most common being in garages, warehouses, exercise areas and high-traffic walkways, but also in your living are. For […]

Boat Stringers Repairing and Replacing [Guide]

boat stringers

  Owning a boat can give you a lot of pleasure over time, but just like a car, it needs to have regular maintenance and checks. Over time, your boat is exposed to a lot of pressure and after a while will require repairs. Boat stringers are one of those things you need to keep […]

Epoxy Grout for Paving Stones – Creating Professional Pavement Joints

epoxy grout

  Cobblestones are the ideal substrate for heavily trafficked areas. Therefore they are very popular especially in driveways. However, they must of course be grouted. This can be done either classically with chippings and sand or in the modern way – with synthetic resin grout. In the following, we will tell you how to grout […]

Resin Terrarium – Versatile Material for your Terrarium

resin terrarium

  As an observer, one is sometimes amazed by artistically arranged terrariums. That these are often created by laborious manual work can only be guessed. If you want to build a terrarium yourself, you should invest a little more time to create a stable and above all durable interior for the terrarium. Here it depends […]

Best Epoxy Primer – Guide for priming surfaces properly

best epoxy primer

  If you are renewing a floor covering and would like to use epoxy resin for this purpose, an epoxy resin primer is also recommended. This offers several advantages. In the following we would like to show you why an epoxy resin primer on concrete is worthwhile and how it is applied.       […]

Resin Geode Art – How to make a Resin Geode [Tutorial]

resin geode art

  This guide shows you how to make impressive, sparkling Free Form Goeden from epoxy resin yourself. We give you step-by-step instructions on how to easily cast extraordinary unique pieces yourself using silicone and show you which materials are best suited for this. You will receive important insider information and we will show you what […]

How to stabilize Wood – Stabilise wood the right way

how to stabilize wood

  Wood, as a material, is incredibly versatile. Furniture and objects of daily use can be made from this material as well as art objects. However, there is one decisive disadvantage: wood ages, and after a certain time, it even rots. The skilled craftsman, however, knows methods to make wood durable, or more precisely, not […]

3D Epoxy Flooring – 3D Floor Design with Epoxy Resin

3D Epoxy Flooring

  If you are renovating and want to create a very special floor covering, we have an insider tip for you: the 3D floor. With this, you can give your home a very special flair. In our step-by-step instructions, we will tell you what makes 3D Epoxy Flooring so special and how you can make […]

Laying a Stone Carpet – Epoxy Stone Floor Guide and Instructions

stone carpet

  Stone carpets give every room a noble ambiance. But if you are not very familiar with laying floors, you might shy away from installing a stone carpet. It is no more difficult to lay than pouring screed; you can make a stone carpet yourself using relatively simple methods. In our stone carpet guide, we show […]

Alcohol Ink and Epoxy Resin – Creative Projects

Alcohol Ink Art Resin

  With this easy to understand guide we would like to show you the various possibilities of so-called Alcohol Inks in connection with Epoxy Resin in an uncomplicated way. In addition, you can also learn the trendy art form Petrified Rainbow: Create your own artistic Resin Petri Dishes or Coasters from suitable Resin and Alcohol […]

How to make Resin Jewelry and the Best Jewelry Resin [Tutorial]

How to make Resin Jewelry

    The list of materials that can be used to create beautiful jewelry or dreamlike accessories is almost endless. But hardly any other material is as versatile and can be processed as individually as epoxy resin. If the crystal-clear surface is in itself an absolute eye-catcher, you can conjure up unusual unique pieces with […]

Epoxy Resin Art – Create your own Resin Paintings

resin art

  Create Artworks and paintings with Epoxy Resin is absolutely trendy. Almost everyone has heard about the possibility of making jewellery or various decorative elements from the synthetic resin. Somewhat less common is still the fact that wonderful, expressive epoxy resin art or paintings can be created from  Epoxy Resin. In the following article you […]

Epoxy Resin for Wood – Best Projects for Wood Epoxy

wood epoxy

  Epoxy resin offers a variety of possibilities that cannot be compared with any other material. In combination with wood, there are many design possibilities: Wood surfaces sealed with epoxy resin, molding in combination with wood, whole tables or table tops and of course repairs of wooden surfaces. We will show you the best application […]