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Totalboat Resin Guide – Overview of their Epoxy range

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The use of Epoxy Resin in making tables, countertops, and resin art has undergone a massive boom in the past few years. As a consequence, many different brands have come on the market, making it difficult for beginners, in particular, to know which one to go with. These all differ in price and quality, and choosing one without previous experience with resin can be a daunting task. However, we did the hard work for you, and by reading below our TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Review, you will be able to make a much more informed decision when deciding which epoxy resin you should use.




What is TotalBoat Resin?

You might think, and justifiably so, that TotalBoat Epoxy Resins are solely for use in boating and/or marine applications. Although this is how they started, they have since added significantly to their product line.

They now offer a wide variety – from Epoxy adhesives, hardeners, and polyester resins, to powder pigments, alcohol inks, and fiberglass sheets. Throw in digital scales, precisely metered handpumps for dispensing resin and hardener, and several different specialized resin kits, and it becomes a veritable one-stop-shop for all your resin project needs.



TotalBoat Company

Total Boat is a proudly American company, based near the state line for Massachusetts, in Rhode Island. The company started simple enough when they started looking at improving products they were already using.

As experienced boaters, they knew exactly what they wanted in the products they used, and so began to develop their own line. They wanted resins that cured faster, held up longer, were easier to apply, and coated better – and, of course, didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Their product line quickly grew, and included products that were not just suitable for marine applications – DIY users and woodworkers have all used the brand, in a variety of different projects.


boat epoxy


They are convinced that lab testing is no match for real-world experience, and so they committed themselves to test their products in one of the most unforgiving settings on earth – the ocean. This gives them first-hand knowledge of wear-and-tear and the abuse the elements can throw at them, and to measure the impact of these on the product itself. A substantial R&D department helps to refine any shortcomings.

Taking it one step further, they have an extensive network of Beta testers around the country, built up over the past 35 years. In doing this, they can test their products in a wide variety of situations, climates, and different geographical areas – something you simply cannot do from one location. Also, they take customer feedback very seriously, as they know this can help them improve their products.

They wanted to keep everything as simple as possible, to make it easy to use for beginner, enthusiast, or professional. So, the product information, website content, and usage instructions are written in such a way that anyone can understand it – no matter their experience in working with epoxy resins. Their informative blog is also full of how-to videos and tutorials.

And, to top it all off, everyone at Total Boat is a boater. Which means they themselves are using it on their own boats. So, they know it works, cause they’ve seen it work. And they can confidently recommend their products to anyone.



Why is TotalBoat Epoxy Resin so popular

As mentioned, TotalBoat has an extensive product range. It includes epoxy resins, resin adhesives, pigments to mix into your epoxy, and even the accessories to help you with your epoxy creations – including paint pails, foam rollers, and fiberglass cloths.

Their epoxy resins are particularly popular, not in the least because of the favorable price bracket. This makes it suitable even for beginners just starting out on their epoxy resin journey, who would like to experiment a bit to find their groove.

UV- and scratch-resistance are standard throughout the lineup, and you can be assured of a high-quality gloss finish to any of your projects. Add to this the self-leveling properties of the epoxy, and easy mixing ratios, and you can quickly see why it is such a popular brand.


totalboat epoxy


It is also a good idea to wear a protective face mask to limit the inhalation of possible harmful vapors, even though many of their products are low in odor. Always treat uncured resin with the idea that there may be free agents that could at least irritate the mucous membranes.

It is also a good idea to wear a protective face mask to limit the inhalation of possible harmful vapors, even though many of their products are low in odor. Always treat uncured resin with the idea that there may be free agents that could at least irritate the mucous membranes.

The various resin products can be used in the marine industry (where it was ‘born’), by DIY enthusiasts and artists in their home or studios, or commercial settings such as restaurants and bars.

In particular, the glass-like finish it gives to tables and countertops (especially bar counters), makes it popular to use. You can easily embed different objects in the resin, and cover various surface types with it as well – from wood to concrete. It will create an easy cleaning, waterproof covering for your projects, helping to keep your counters looking as good as the day you poured it!



Available product lines

TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy

A high-gloss, ultra-clear, and high-quality resin for countertops, tables, and bars. Available in different sized kits, depending on how much you need for a specific project.

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Kit for Bar Tops, Table Tops
  • Get stunningly clear, beautiful results on bar tops, table tops, and countertops. Ideal for kitchen and bath remodeling projects
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio, easy to tint with mica powder, alcohol ink, and liquid pigments. Self-leveling resin system is easy to pour
  • Cures smooth as glass at room temperature, with no blushing. 100% waterproof upon full cure
  • Get pro results on wood, metal, stone, ceramic and concrete tables, bar tops, countertops as well as resin art, embedding objects, decoupage, casting & other crafting projects
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  • Simple, 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Self-leveling
  • Easy to pour
  • Cures smooth as glass



  • As with most epoxy resins, may yellow over time primarily if used outside in sunlight
  • Might need to be covered with a harder epoxy, as some users commented it can scratch easily



Use it to coat tables, countertops, and bars, even with embedded objects in the surface. Creates a crystal-clear, glossy finish. It works well when used on different surfaces, such as wood, concrete, metal surfaces, and ceramics. Resin jewelry can also be made with TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy.



TotalBoat ThickSet

A crystal-clear, high gloss epoxy resin that can be poured in thicker layers. It is a deep cast system, which can be used with molds and horizontal surfaces such as tabletops. Also available in 3 different sizes, so you can get precisely the amount you need at a time.

TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy
  • Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin Kit for epoxy river tables, thick live-edge slab tables, art casting, deep resin molds, embedding and encapsulating objects & filling voids in wood
  • Pour up to 2" thick pour per layer for small molds and up to 1" thick for large molds. Self-leveling formula, simple 3:1 mix ratio, and long working time ensure great results for DIY & professional makers
  • Clear High gloss is easy to tint with mica powder, alcohol ink, and concentrated liquid pigments for eye-catching effects & vivid colors. Cures to an extremely durable waterproof finish
  • Low odor and low VOC formular, ideal for garage, shop & indoor use. Pour deeper layers than standard tabletop epoxies. Cured epoxy surface is BPA-free, safer for tables that come into contact with food
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  • Designed for thicker pours (up to 1 inch for large molds, and up to 2 inches when working with smaller molds)
  • Easy to tint with Mica powder, alcohol inks, and concentrated liquid pigments
  • Crystal clear and high-gloss
  • The longer curing and working time means that you have ample time to manipulate the epoxy before it starts curing



  • A slightly trickier 3:1 mixing ratio means you have to calculate the volume of resin vs. hardener more carefully. But check out our Epoxy resin Calculator here to help you measure the correct amount of each part.
  • Can get very hot when curing



It can be used to pour epoxy river tables, resin art, deep molds, and embedding objects into your project. Professionals and beginners alike can achieve great results with this epoxy resin.



TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy

Ideal for sealing new and old wood, to protect against rot. It penetrates deep into the wood (either old, rotting wood, or new, bare wood), to protect and stabilize it against environmental factors.

TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer
  • Two-part epoxy system seals, hardens, preserves, and protects all types of wood by stopping rot. Makes finishes like paint and varnish stick better and last longer. Easy to use treatment has no VOCs or harsh fumes
  • An ideal dry rot treatment; this marine-grade epoxy resin is perfect for wooden boat restoration, wood repairs, and woodworking projects. Seal bare or new wood to protect against mold, mildew, moisture, and fungus
  • Use on all softwoods, including cedar, cypress, fir, pine and redwood. Use on all hardwoods, including ipe, mahogany, maple, oak, and teak. Use on butcher block, live edge slabs, particle board, plywood, and OSB
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  • Comes in two different formulas, one for use in traditional climate settings (65-90° F), and the other for use in cold weather situations (40-65° F)
  • Low-viscosity resin for use on all wood types (soft and hard), which means it will penetrate deep into the wood to stabilize and protect it
  • Old damaged wood is sealed, and rotten parts are sealed off to prevent it from spreading
  • Allows varnish and paint to adhere to a surface better



  • Some users mentioned that it got very hot during curing, one even melting a plastic mixing bucket



Use it to seal bare, or new, wood against mildew, fungus, rot, and moisture. You can also use this product to stabilize wood before using it in your projects.



TotalBoat Makerpoxy

Developed in conjunction with Jess Crow, this professional-grade epoxy resin is excellent for a multitude of uses. With Jess being a well-known and very active resin artist, she has used resin in a variety of projects and knows which qualities she is looking for when choosing a resin product. And what is better than finding one that you like? Making one that fits your needs perfectly!

TotalBoat MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist’s Resin
  • Mixed epoxy flows easily. Blend with color pigments & tints for unique works of resin art, furniture like river tables, headboards, coffee tables, wall art, and more
  • Super glossy, self-leveling sooth finish resists scratches and yellowing. For outdoor use, you can overcoat MakerPoxy with clear varnish or urethane for maximum UV resistance. Durable cured resin strong enough for furniture and table tops
  • Long working time ideal for large or complex resin art pours. Once resin and hardener are mixed, you have about 60 minutes at 77°F, when applied at the proper thickness (1/8”-1/4”). Extended working time is also great for first-time resin users, making it easy to take your time
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  • Very easy. 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Longer work time, ideal for beginners, as well as large or complex pours
  • The smooth, glass-like finish gives your projects a luxurious look
  • Low odor, which makes it favorable to use indoors and on smaller, intricate projects where you may spend extended periods of time close to the uncured resin





Make unique pieces of resin art, resin paintings (on wood or canvas), or use it in a variety of casting or coating projects.



TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy Kits

This epoxy resin kit includes a low-viscosity resin, non-blushing hardener, and mixing sticks and cups. Ideal for use on boats, including vacuum bagging, laminating, or coating. Kits also come supplied with pre-measured, accurate handpumps to easily dispense epoxy and hardener – no matter how much you need at any one time.

TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy Kit
  • Epoxy kits include low-viscosity resin and clear, non-blushing hardener for woodworking, boat building, laminating and repair projects. Ideal for clear coating. Simple mix ratio of 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener
  • No time-consuming washdowns to remove surface blush between coats, so projects get finished faster. Low odor and low VOCs make it great for shop or indoor use. Cured surface is BPA-free, safer for potential food contact
  • Choose your hardener to control working properties and cure times. Slow Hardener has the longest working and cure times. Medium Hardener is ideal for most applications. Fast Hardener has the shortest working time and fastest cure
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  • Can be taken with 3 different hardeners – slow, medium, and fast
  • Simple, 2:1 mixing ratio
  • A non-blushing epoxy system, which means you will have a high-quality, crystal-clear finish on your cured epoxy – and no time-consuming washdowns to rid surfaces of blush between pours
  • All-in-one kit, including handpumps, mixing buckets (paint pails), nitrile gloves, and mixing sticks



  • You should carefully consider which system you choose (fast, medium, or slow), as it influences the working time. Fast curing hardener may start to cure in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Strong smell possible when using the fast curing hardener.
  • It often soaks into the wood, so you must be prepared to mix more than you think you may need for a particular project



Ideal for clear coating, and for use in boat repair and building, and woodworking.



Where to buy TotalBoat Epoxy?

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin products can be found in various places, from your local DIY to hardware stores, and of course, online. The most extensive range can be found through Amazon, and the benefit of going this route is convenience.


total boat epoxy


The company also has its own online store, and through their website, you can find details of their customer service center. The folks answering your calls in their in-house call center are all boaters themselves. Which means, they have hands-on experience with all their products. If the person with you on the phone doesn’t know the answer, someone in the office will. Be it wooden boats, outboards, or even electronics; you will find the assistance you need.



Is Total Boat epoxy food safe?

A big question many ask when attempting epoxy resin projects, is if the end result will be safe for use with food products, or drinks. In the case of TotalBoat, the fully cured resin is considered to be absolutely food-safe. It contains neither harmful VOCs, nor any BPAs, meaning it is more suitable for contact with food.


total boat epoxy food safe


This means it is also safer to work with before curing, but we always recommend you take precautions for your health. Wear suitable nitrile gloves when mixing, pouring, and leveling the epoxy resin, and make sure you are working in a well-ventilated workspace.

It is also a good idea to wear a protective face mask to limit the inhalation of possible harmful vapors, even though many of their products are low in odor. Always treat uncured resin with the idea that there may be free agents that could at least irritate the mucous membranes.




Whether you are a complete novice to epoxy resin projects, or a seasoned professional, Total Boat has the full range of products to make your ideas come to life. From laminating countertops, making resin art, to deeper pours for coffee and river tables, it’s all there. Throw in their total commitment to further research & development, customer service, and rigorous self-testing of their products, and you are on to a winning combination. Ready to try Total Boat? You won’t be disappointed!

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