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Rust-Oleum Epoxy Flooring – Your Epoxy Shield Review

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Nowadays, most people are using epoxy coating to give their concrete garage floor a new awesome look. Epoxy flooring is one of the best choices when it comes to coating your garage. It is very durable and has a lot of other benefits for your garage flooring. This product is widely found in our markets; you can find both professional as well as DIY epoxy coating products. Rust Oleum is one of the most trusted and popular brands that provides these products.  An example of a good product provided by this brand is the Epoxyshield garage floor coating.




What is Epoxy Flooring?

Most of the time, people tend to think that epoxy flooring is a type of paint. But that is not the case, it is actually an acrylic latex product and not a type of paint. However, epoxy can be added to a paint in order to make it more durable. A very good example is the Rust Oleum concrete paint.

The epoxy is made up of two parts; the resin and the hardener. These two parts are combined in order to create the epoxy by forming a reaction. The main difference between the paint and the epoxy coating is that paint dries after a reaction occurs whereas the epoxy only hardens. This makes the epoxy very thick hence increasing its durability. This allows epoxy to last a long time and be used on floors that are prone to heavy traffic and spills. The Rust Oleum floor epoxy provides all these benefits for your flooring.

epoxyshield garage floor coating

Epoxy products come in different categories, DIY products and Commercial products. These products also differ in terms of their prices and formulation. Commercial epoxy products are usually solid and are considered to be the best epoxy products. Their composition only contains solids and everything applied to the concrete will stick there.

Some epoxy products have water or solvents in their composition. When such products are applied to the floor, a part of the product usually the water or other solvents will evaporate. Such epoxies usually have 50% solids in their composition. Cheaper epoxies have few solids in their composition while the expensive ones usually contain more solids. Few solids result in reduced effectiveness of the finish. A thicker epoxy is better since it is more durable and can withstand heavy traffic.



Epoxy Flooring Benefits

There are so many benefits of Rust Oleum epoxy floor.  If you are still in doubt of this product and wondering if it’s something you should try out, then take a look at the benefits of epoxy floor we have listed below. Hopefully they will help open your mind.



Epoxy floor is one the great choices if you want your garage floor to have a tough finish. Using it ensures that your garages floor is able to withstand spills, heat, impacts or any abrasions. With this floor you will not have any wear and tear even when heavy objects fall on the floor. You will not worry about any spills staying on your floor forever. Epoxy floor gives your garage floor a tough and durable look.


Helps fix problematic Areas

If you have so many problems on your floor that you simply want to get rid of, then the epoxy floor is an excellent choice. It can be used to get rid of any blemishes that are present on your floor, this results in a surface that is smooth and shiny. Epoxy paint can also come in different colors and with chips that can be used to add traction to the floor.  This ensures that your surface looks sparkly and clean.

rust oleum epoxy floor


Prevents Falls

If you are worried that your surface is too smooth, the epoxy floor can easily fix this problem for you. In your epoxy paint, you can include an additive that is slip resistant. This will help to reduce any slippery feeling on the floor even when its wet.


Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy floor makes the surface non-porous and this makes cleaning it very easy. You can use a vacuum or a hosepipe to clean the surface. These ways work properly on the surface but make sure to avoid using cleaning products that are acidic because they may cause the surface to become dull.

rust oleum floor epoxy



Rust Oleum Epoxy Flooring

Rust Oleum is a popular company that has been around for some time. The company was founded by Robert Fergusson in 1921. They offer many products such as epoxies, polyurethanes as well as alkyds. The epoxies they produce are durable and have a great performance, they are also very easy to apply delivering long lasting results.


RUST OLEUM Epoxyshield Review

The Epoxyshield garage floor coating is suitable for indoor use. This is a two-part epoxy system that creates a finish that is very durable. It also protects your garage floor from any spills as well as wear and tear. The epoxy is water based and comes with a concrete etcher, decorative ships, stirring stick, concentrated cleaner as well as instructions on how to apply it. The instructions state that it can cover about 250 square feet. The product dries up very fast and allows you to use the surface within 24 hours. Vehicles can be able to stand on the coated surface within 72 hours.

RUST-OLEUM Garage Floor Kit, Gray
  • Works on interior surfaces, such as garage floors, workshops, basements and more
  • Professional looking finish is easy to clean and provides long lasting protection
  • Walk on ready in 24 hours, vehicle and drive-on ready in 72 hours
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Application of the floor coating is easy and will require you to have tools like brushes, rollers and more. This floor coating has 50% solids in its composition. This ensures that it does not peel or crack even after a long time. The durability can also be increased by adding a polyurethane sealant to the epoxy. According to most reviews, the Rust Oleum epoxy shield is very easy to use. Reviews also state that it has a low odor which allows you to work in peace without the need for a respirator. Other reviews recommended using a topcoat for an added layer of protection, this is obtained separately and not included in the Epoxyshield garage floor coating kit.


  • Low odor
  • Very easy to use
  • The flooring is very easy to maintain
  • Keeps the floor protected from spills
  • Short drying time


  • Lot of labor is required during application
  • Hot tire pick-up can happen due to many factors



RUST OLEUM Floor Epoxy: Professional Floor Coat

The professional floor coat is suitable for both industrial as well as domestic use. The product is specifically made to be used on heavy duty surfaces. It is used to protect the floor in commercial garages and can also be used to cover and protect the floor in workshops, basements as well as other heavy-duty areas. The Rust Oleum epoxy professional floor coating has a high percentage of solvents and solids.  The floor coating kit greatly protects the surface from wear and tear, abrasions, chemical spills and it is capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

RUST-OLEUM Professional Floor Coating Kit
  • High solids solvents based epoxy coating ideal for garage floors, basements, workshops, etc
  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals, wear and even standing water
  • Ultimate adhesion and durability, withstands heavy foot and vehicle traffic
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  • Provides great durability
  • Resistant to chemicals and water spills
  • Allows addition of solid color


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Produces an odor, respirator is needed



RUST OLEUM Concrete Paint: Best Epoxy Paint

The Rust Oleum concrete paint is also in the Epoxyshield range. The paint is resistant to weather changes and makes use of an acrylic formula which makes it very easy to clean. This paint can be used for your garage floor as well as your patio. The epoxy gives your floor a smooth finish that lasts for a very long time. It also adds a layer of protection to your surface so as to prevent it from the effects of everyday wear and tear. This will allow your surface to last that much longer.

RUST-OLEUM Concrete and Garage Floor Paint
  • Advanced acrylic formula
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy soap and water clean up. Hot tire and chemical resistant
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  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Weather resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces


  • Can peel after some years



Ways of Applying the Rust Oleum Garage Epoxy

The epoxy floor coating product comes with instructions on how to use it. Make sure you follow all these instructions for best results.

Preparing the floor is the first important thing to do before applying the coating to the surface. Remove everything laying on the floor and then use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust and the dirt that is present on your floor. The next step is to apply a degreaser; this helps to get rid of any oils or grease that are on your garage floor. You will then prepare the surface for painting.

rustoleum garage epoxy

In the Epoxy shield garage floor kit, there is a concrete etch product that is responsible for this. Make sure that the floor is completely dry and no moisture should be present as this can affect the adherence of the epoxy to the surface. You also need to make sure that the floor is free of holes and is in good shape.

Once you are done with all the preparations, the application of the Rust Oleum garage epoxy can now begin. The materials needed for the application are as follows:

  • Paint Brush
  • Roller
  • Mixing Bucket
  • A rug
  • Soapy Water


The following step involves mixing the two-part epoxy mixture; the resin base and the hardener or catalyst.

  • Stir the resin base
  • Add a hardener to the resin base
  • Stir the mixture until they are evenly mixed

rustoleum epoxy shield reviewImages: Salamatik / andrey gonchar –


We recommend using a roller with a longer handle for easy application, but a paint brush can also be used to apply the epoxy to the edges as well as other areas that are difficult to reach.

The decorative chips should be spread over the area after you’re done applying the epoxy. Once the application process is done, you need to wait for about 48-72 hours so that the coat dries out completely.  You should also leave the floor for at least a week before your car can stand on it.



Ways of Maintaining your Epoxyshield Garage Floor coating

Epoxy Floor coat can be used for both industrial as well as domestic use and it  is generally very easy to maintain. However, it requires you to clean on regular basis. An industrial case requires more cleaning that the residential case. The following are some things you need to do to maintain the surface.

  • Make sure that all spills on the surface are cleaned instantly
  • The surface should be free of dirt. Make sure to remove any grit or sand present on the surface.
  • When cleaning the surface, do not use products that are soap based, these products can make your surface to become cloudy.
  • Avoid using products that are acid based, these can make the surface to become dull when used for a long time.
  • Make sure to use warm water and a mop when cleaning the surface, this ensures that the surface is easily cleaned.

rustoleum concrete paint



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about the epoxy, hopefully they will help you have a clear understanding about the product.


Can I Use Epoxy on Concrete Floors?

Epoxy products are regarded as the best products to use on your concrete floor. They help to add a layer of protection to your floor and change its appearance giving it a renewed look.


Is Rust Oleum Floor Epoxy Difficult to Apply?

Rust Oleum floor epoxy is easy to apply if you follow all the instructions. Therefore, make sure that you read all the instructions on how to apply it. Make sure that your concrete surface is well prepared before you start applying. When applied correctly, the Rust Oleum floor epoxy will give your surface a very durable and long-lasting finish.


Do I Need to Add Topcoat?

Topcoat helps to keep the surface protected by adding a new layer of protection. Whether or not to add topcoat depends on your preference. Most epoxy products are also very durable but the topcoat will ensure that they last even longer.


What Is the Best Temperature to Apply Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is best applied when the temperature is between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the temperature is above 65 degrees in the two days before you apply the epoxy. This is because the temperature affects how the epoxy adhere to the surface.


Should I apply a primer before using Epoxy floor coating?

A primer is not needed. You just need to apply a degreaser to get rid of all the oil and grease on your garage floor. Make sure it dries completely before you apply the epoxy floor coating.




The Rust Oleum  Epoxyshield is a great example of an acrylic latex product. This is a very good option for anyone that wants to give their garage a new  awesomelook. Epoxy flooring has a lot of benefits for your garage concrete floor. It makes the floor very durable and lasts a very long time and can also be used to fix problems on the floor. We hope this guide has  helped you to understand more about Epoxyshield floor coating.


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