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Art N Glow Resin – Review, Guide and Tips

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Are you a DIY project enthusiast? The use of Epoxy Resin is amongst the best types of material to make use of. If you want to preserve major surfaces like your tabletops, floors or even some small objects then clear Epoxy Resin is the answer. Although there are numerous types of Resins, for this article we are going to concentrate on Art N Glow Casting Resin, as it is one of the finest resin brands available.




What is Art ’n Glow?

After visiting the bioluminescence exhibition at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas Texas, the creator of the product Art N Glow came up with a brilliant idea for its use. After paying a visit to a paint party studio, he began to consider the possibility of capturing the richness and brightness of various surfaces, so that it could be enjoyed and appreciated by all.


Art ’n Glow has an extensive range of products:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • DIY Glow Powder
  • DIY Glow Paint
  • Chargeable LED Flashlights
  • Metallic and Pearl Pigments




Why is Art ’n Glow Resin so popular amongst its users?


Art n Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin
  • Cures crystal clear, resists yellowing, high gloss finish
  • 1:1 Mixing Ratio, Self-leveling
  • VOC and BPA free, FDA approved, low odor
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  • The main reason is that the resin can easily be utilised as a casting resin and can be used on your tabletops.
  • Another good reason is that the Resin has a crystal-clear finish when it is dry.
  • The resin can also be trusted to be odour free, gives a beautiful flat and even surface when dry and also automatically releases all air bubbles or is self-degassing. Just a word of caution, although the product is odor-free, it is advisable to use it in an open area.
  • Art N Glow Resin gives you 40 minutes before it sets, making it extremely easy to work with. This makes it great for the beginners because you have ample time to handle it before it dries.
  • The product is UV resistant and will not yellow over time and can be used in projects that will be exposed to the sun. Remember, any other type of resin will eventually yellow if left in the sun for long periods.
  • This product also has an easy mix ratio of 1:1, which makes it very user friendly for beginners.
  • The cover ratio for this product is also why it is so popular. The ratio is 128 ounces or (3,6 kg) and will be able to cover 26 square feet or (2,4 square metres) with a thickness of 1/8th of an inch or (3,1 mm).
  • Art N Glow Resin was designed specifically to supplement Art N Glow’s glow in the dark pigments.
  • If you are using this product for casting, then a maximum size of 6 fluid ounces or (177,4 ml) is what you must use. For the application of coating your products, there is no limit to the quantity


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To help you, here are some Coverage Calculations

  • It will take 16 fluid ounces or (473 ml) of resin to coat 3 square feet or (0,28 Square Metres) with a thickness of 1/16 inch or (1,59 ml).
  • 32 fluid ounces or (946 ml) of Resin to coat 6 square feet or (0,56 Square Metres) with a thickness of 1/16 inch or (1,59 ml)
  • 64 fluid ounces or (1893 ml) of Resin to coat 12 square feet or (1,12 Square Metres) with a thickness of 1/16 inch or (1,59 ml)
  • 1 gallon or (3,8 litres) of Resin to coat 24 square feet or (2,23 Square Metres) with a thickness of 1/16 inch or (1,59 ml)
  • 2 gallons or (7,6 litres) of Resin to coat 48 square feet or (4,46 Square Metres) with a thickness of 1/16 inch or (1,59 ml)


Art ‘n Glow Resin is available in 16 ounces or (473 ml), 32 ounces or (946 ml) as well as 1 gallon or (3, 8 Litre) kits.



How to go about working with the Art n Glow Resin


To get best results, try to maintain your workspace between 72° and 78° F or (22° and 25° C). To get your Epoxy to cure properly, try to get your workspace as close to 78° F or (25° C) as possible. Bear in mind that this type of resin can withstand temperatures of 120° F or (49° C). By controlling the temperature when handling this resin, you will be able to influence the final result of your project. If you find the resin is cooling down too quickly, try putting it into a container of warm water, bearing in mind that this will cause it to cure a lot quicker. This means that you will reduce your curing time from 40 minutes to 30 minutes. Using warm water to warm your resin also helps in reducing any form of bubbling.

When you mix your resin, try to mix it thoroughly every time, which helps reduce the number of air bubbles in the mixture. This can be accomplished by pressing the mixing utensil to the bottom of the container during mixing.

After you have mixed the resin and hardener properly and poured it over your surface, wait for 2 or 3 minutes. Then you can remove any air bubbles that may have formed during mixing. You can use any one of these utensils, toothpicks, straws, artist’s torch, or cigarette lighter. Check your project every one or two hours to ensure that no more air bubbles appear.


How long does it take Epoxy to dry


Tip: If you observe that your resin becomes cloudy or milky, it is a good indication that your resins temperature has become too low.


You will also find that instead of pouring the hardener directly into the resin, try to let it run down the side of the container, this will reduce the bubbling. Then while pouring the hardener, make sure you keep your hand steady and pour slowly to reduce any more bubbling. If you do see some bubbles you can make use of an artist’s torch to get rid of them.

If you intend to add multiple coats of resin to make your finished project thicker, ensure you give 3 to 5 hours between coats. This will prevent any clouding, stickiness or any other issue that may occur. After the 5 hours have elapsed, you need to first sand down the surface and wipe it clean before you can continue applying the next coat.

The resin would have hardened after 24 hours, but you need to wait for 72 hours before it is properly cured. The Art N Glow Resin is very safe to use at home, as it does not produce any fumes and is also non-toxic. However, when working with this resin take care and use gloves. You should also use goggles and do all your work in a properly ventilated area.




Some materials that Art N Glow Epoxy Resin will adhere to:

  • Canvas
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Oil paints
  • Inkjet prints
  • Glossy photographs
  • Rocks
  • Leaves
  • Sculptures
  • Concrete
  • Bricks


Materials the Art N Glow Epoxy Resin does not adhere to:

  • Plastic tarps
  • Silicone
  • Wax paper
  • The backside of any tape




How to mix Art ’n Glow Resin with color agents


The ratio of Resin with Hardener

Use the volume ratio of 1:1 when measuring out epoxy resin and hardener. Ensure you mix it thoroughly and evenly for about 3 to 5 minutes or until you see no more streaks. You must make sure you adhere strictly and precisely to these mixing ratios so that the resin can cure properly.


Resin to Glow Powder Ratio:


Art n Glow 5 Color Pack Glow in The Dark Pigment Powder
  • High-quality Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, and White Glow in the dark powder
  • Coated strontium aluminate glow powder - the best material for the brightest glowing effect
  • Products are made from natural elements and are non-toxic / non-radioactive
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Ensure you stick to the 1:4 ratio, that is 0, 24 ounces or (7 grams) of Glow Powder to each ounce of the resin, hardener mixture. By using this ratio mix it will give your resin product a long-lasting glow with a bright finish. This mix ratio, however, leaves room for some experimentation, which will allow you to use less or more of the Glow Powder.


Clear Paint Agents to Pigment Powder

The mix ratio used here is 1:4, that is 1 Pigment Powder to 4 Clear Paint Agent. This mix ratio is specially formulated to give your project a long-lasting glow with a bright finish. This mix ratio, however, leaves room for some experimentation, which will allow you to use less or more of the Glow Powder.


Resin to Pearlescent Powder


Mica Pearl Pigment Powder, different colors
  • Mica Powder in 10+ different colors
  • Made from natural minerals, non toxic
  • The particle size is opimized for mixing with epoxy resin
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This ratio mix is 0,035 ounces or (1 Gram) of Pearlescent Pigment Powder to every ounce or (28, 4 grams) of the resin, hardener mixture. We have suggested this mix ratio as it has proved to be the perfect mix ratio; however, you are at liberty to experiment by making use of less or more Pearlescent Powder as desired.



Heat Tolerance

The Art ‘n Glow Epoxy Resin has a heat tolerance of 120° F or (49° C). For this reason, it can be used as a coaster; however, it is not recommended for cups or tumblers with hot beverages.


Note: As Art n Glow Epoxy Resin can only be recommended for temperatures up to 120° F or (49° C) you shouldn’t use it as a hot plate.

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What are some of the safety features for Art and Glow Resins

When the Art N Glow Epoxy Resin is used as directed, it will be non-hazardous and also non-toxic. This Resin also complies with the ASTM D4236 standard and is recommended safe to use for home projects. The product has also been certified by The American Society for Testing Materials as non-toxic and will not produce any fumes or VOC’s. Art N Glow Epoxy Resin does not possess any airborne characteristics and is also non-flammable. And the best: It is FDA-approved food safe.


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Art n Glow is food safe compared to FDA.



When handling any Resins remember Safety First

  • Wear protective gloves: This will protect your skin from any form of contact with any Epoxy Resin. Note that the mixture of Epoxy Resins and also hardeners tend to be very sticky before hardening. Disposable gloves are acceptable for use, which is easy to clean up and will also protect your hands from any form of contact with the mixture. If by any chance you do get some of the mixtures on your hands wash them straight away with soap and water. Otherwise, use some rubbing alcohol.
  • Wear Safety Glasses: This is important to protect your eyes from the mixture. If by any chance you do get some of the mixtures in your eyes, flush out immediately with water and be careful not to rub your eyes. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • It is important to remember to do work in a well-ventilated space. If the area you are working in is not well ventilated, it is advisable to use a respirator.



Are you thinking of giving our Art N Glow Epoxy Resin a try?

Many users have found that our Art N Glow Epoxy Resin is an excellent product, whether they are experts or just beginners. There are many resin products out there to choose from, however, this one is by far the best in its range. You may find it rather expensive in comparison with other products, but it is worth the price.

You get the complete package, which is ideal for clear casting and also for pouring applications. With its long curing time, it allows users plenty of time to handle it and produce a perfect lasting finish. The product is also self-degassing, and has self-levelling features, not forgetting its UV resistant feature. This bonus feature is great for projects that are exposed to direct sunlight.


There are several uses for this type of resin such as counters or tabletops, as well as for jewellery or even art projects. Make sure before you begin a project, you know how much of the Resin you will need to complete your project. You do not want to be in a situation where you suddenly realise you do not have enough resin to finish your project.


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