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Best Glue for Nylon – Adhesives for Nylon and How to Use Them

Best Glue for Nylon

  Nylon is an extremely popular material that is used within a variety of industries. A big reason for its popularity is its strength! This is not to say that nylon does not break. Sometimes it does. Choosing to repair a broken nylon item instead of throwing it out is a great way to reduce […]

Food-Safe Wood Glue – Best Non-Toxic Adhesives

Food-Safe Wood Glue

  As new technologies are developed, and as the world moves towards a zero-emission society, manufacturers are becoming more conscious of what their products are used for. These manufacturers increasingly lean toward producing products that aren’t only good for the environment but are food safe too. Glues in particular seem to be among the many […]

Best Decoupage Glue – A Look at the Top Decoupage Mediums

Decoupage Glue

  There are lots of ways to spruce up your furnishings or ornate decorations in your home these days. With the sheer amount of DIY coatings, repairs, additions, treatments, and tutorials available it’s easy to get yourself turned around and paralyzed by the sheer number of choices available to you. Sometimes, it’s best to get […]

E6000 Glue Review and Guide – How to Use E6000 to Fix Anything

e6000 Glue Review and Guide

  One of the earliest things we learn in life is that things break. Whether one of our toys breaks when we’re little, or our favorite mug meets the floor one morning while we’re rushing to leave for work. Things break; however, this doesn’t mean that they are beyond repair and that they are destined […]

Best Cordless Glue Gun – A Guide to Selecting a Portable Hot Glue Gun

Best Cordless Glue Gun

  When crafting, having a good glue or adhesive can mean the difference between sitting back and looking at your workpiece with a sense of rightfully earned satisfaction or being extremely frustrated by things constantly falling off of it. Most avid crafters use hot glue guns or similar adhesive devices to get the bits and […]

How to Glue Felt to Wood – The Best Adhesive for Felt and Wood

How to Glue Felt to Wood

  When it comes to gluing felt to wood, it is done more with do-it-yourself craft projects. For example, wood projects like lining the inside of a jewelry box or drawer, which can increase its aesthetic quality. Gluing felt to wood can also be used very successfully when attaching felt to the legs of your […]