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Best Food-Safe Glue – Non-Toxic Adhesives for Food Contact

Best Food Safe Glue

  Glue makes your life and the lives of those around you so much easier. The best thing about it is that you don’t even know it’s there, but it’s always working to literally keep your world together. The circuit board inside your smartphone? Held together with silicone glue. That awesome pair of shoes that you got […]

Best Glue for Felt – Recommended Methods and Products for Gluing Felt

Best Glue for Felt

  These days we have loads of cool materials that make our lives easier and are far more environmentally friendly than ones we used previously. We didn’t always have these eco-friendly options though, and before the advent of materials like resin and synthetic polymers we pretty much had to make do with what we had. […]

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Glue – How to Bond Thermoplastics

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Glue

  Plastics play a huge part in our day-to-day lives; they help us build, maintain, and protect ourselves and our belongings. How much do you actually know about plastics though? There are several types of plastic available for commercial and private use, but some of the most commonly used types of plastic are polyethylene and […]

Glue That Dries Clear – Best Transparent Adhesives

Glue That Dries Clear

  For something we rarely think about, glue plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives. From keeping our shoes together, to insulating our cars and homes, glue has changed the way we function as a society and provides quick and effective solutions to loads of our day-to-day problems. Finding the right glue for the […]

Aquarium Glue – Safe Adhesives for Fish Tanks

Aquarium Glue

  Aquariums: Little zoos for critters of the sea, we love them and the water pets they allow us to observe and care for, but they can be a bit of a handful to create and maintain (the aquariums, not the fish). When working with aquariums or smaller fish tanks it’s important to make sure […]

Best Wood Glue for Furniture – Wooden Furniture Repair Tips

Best Wood Glue for Furniture

  It seems that as the years roll on, we’re always finding new and exciting ways to join things together. In recent years, epoxy resin adhesives have developed to the point where their adhesion rivals things like old metal stitching and welding, something we never thought possible. Wood glues have also come a long way […]

Best Glue for Nylon – Adhesives for Nylon and How to Use Them

Best Glue for Nylon

  Nylon is an extremely popular material that is used within a variety of industries. A big reason for its popularity is its strength! This is not to say that nylon does not break. Sometimes it does. Choosing to repair a broken nylon item instead of throwing it out is a great way to reduce […]

Food-Safe Wood Glue – Best Non-Toxic Adhesives

Food-Safe Wood Glue

  As new technologies are developed, and as the world moves towards a zero-emission society, manufacturers are becoming more conscious of what their products are used for. These manufacturers increasingly lean toward producing products that aren’t only good for the environment but are food safe too. Glues in particular seem to be among the many […]

Best Decoupage Glue – A Look at the Top Decoupage Mediums

Decoupage Glue

  There are lots of ways to spruce up your furnishings or ornate decorations in your home these days. With the sheer amount of DIY coatings, repairs, additions, treatments, and tutorials available it’s easy to get yourself turned around and paralyzed by the sheer number of choices available to you. Sometimes, it’s best to get […]

E6000 Glue Review and Guide – How to Use E6000 to Fix Anything

e6000 Glue Review and Guide

  One of the earliest things we learn in life is that things break. Whether one of our toys breaks when we’re little, or our favorite mug meets the floor one morning while we’re rushing to leave for work. Things break; however, this doesn’t mean that they are beyond repair and that they are destined […]

Best Cordless Glue Gun – A Guide to Selecting a Portable Hot Glue Gun

Best Cordless Glue Gun

  When crafting, having a good glue or adhesive can mean the difference between sitting back and looking at your workpiece with a sense of rightfully earned satisfaction or being extremely frustrated by things constantly falling off of it. Most avid crafters use hot glue guns or similar adhesive devices to get the bits and […]

How to Glue Felt to Wood – The Best Adhesive for Felt and Wood

How to Glue Felt to Wood

  When it comes to gluing felt to wood, it is done more with do-it-yourself craft projects. For example, wood projects like lining the inside of a jewelry box or drawer, which can increase its aesthetic quality. Gluing felt to wood can also be used very successfully when attaching felt to the legs of your […]

How to Remove Glue From Plastic – The Best Glue Removing Methods

Using Glue Cleaner

  Whatever the situation, whether you messed glue or sitting with some sticky residue from a label on a newly bought item, removing glue from plastic does not have to be a frustrating struggle. There are some approaches you can use to make things easier. The main objective is to soften or break down the […]

Best Adhesive Remover – Reviewing the Best Methods for Removing Glue

Best Adhesive Remover

  Every year we spend a great deal of money buying glue, cement, tapes, and various other types of adhesives, that we use to bond different things together in our homes. All of these adhesives make a powerful and often permanent bond. However, what happens if you want to get rid of the bonding agents […]

How to Glue PVC Pipe – The Best Method for Gluing PVC Pipe

How to Glue PVC Pipe

  To begin, let us have a look at what PVC stands for. Polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic and is well-known as PVC piping that is used in a variety of applications from residential to industrial use as well as in art and crafts. The material is cost-effective and easy to cut and can […]

Best Jewelry Glue – Selecting the Right Glue for Jewelry Making

Best Jewelry Glue

  Jewelry making can be done by professionals and hobbyists alike. Regardless of your skill, you will require specific tools to do the job, and glue for jewelry is one of the important pieces when it comes to the jewelry-making process. However, you could also simply want to fix a piece of jewelry – perhaps […]

How to Remove Carpet Glue – A Guide to Removing Carpet Glue

How to Remove Carpet Glue

  Carpet adhesives are formulated to put up with years of scuffing, trampling, and footfalls. When ripping up your old carpets to lay down new flooring, you may be disappointed to find residual carpet glue clinging to your subfloor. These adhesives seldom fail, but it is for this reason that carpet glue can be extremely […]

How to Glue HDPE – Finding and Using the Best HDPE Adhesive

How to Glue HDPE

  Despite its versatility as a plastic produced for a useful range of purposes, HDPE poses the challenge of being very difficult to glue. Parts are usually welded together using various processes limited to industrial settings. However, thanks to developments in the adhesive industry, some epoxy glues are now available that make gluing HDPE surfaces […]

Best Glue for Shoes – Finding the Most Effective Shoe Repair Glue

Best Glue for Shoes

  Everybody deserves a good pair of shoes – some even have an entire closet section devoted to their shoe collection. Most of us have that favorite pair of shoes that we just cannot do without, but eventually, they will become worn and broken. But before you think about throwing them out, maybe you can […]

Best Glue for PLA – Your Complete Guide to PLA Adhesives

pla adhesive

  Plastics. They are a hot topic in today’s world. Love them or hate them, they are part of our everyday life. Not only are they functional in our day-to-day lives, but they are useful in our creative endeavors, like 3D printing. To make the most use of this, you will need the best glue […]

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue – Which is Best for Your Project?

gorilla super glue vs krazy glue

  Trying to decide on the right adhesive to use for a project can be tricky. There are endless options for various glue types. This should be chosen based on your requirements and the surface you will be using. A standing debate amongst crafters at the moment is Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue – which […]

How To Remove Super Glue – Best Methods to Remove Super Glue

how to remove super glue

  If you have ever worked with any glues before you will know how difficult they can be to remove from fabrics and other surfaces. Liquid glue adhesives are the worst as they tend to be absorbed by the surface they are messed on, making them almost impossible to get rid of. This is especially […]

How to Remove Hot Glue – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

how to remove hot glue

  When it comes to working with glue, things can be tricky enough. Working with and removing hot glue has its own processes and is particularly tricky. The purpose of this article is to narrow down the best methods and advice on how to remove hot glue when you find yourself in a sticky situation. […]

Best Hot Glue Gun – Top Glue Gun Reviews & Guide

glue gun reviews

  Whether you are doing crafting or DIY, hot glue guns are a versatile and useful tool to have around the home. You may ask, why you could not just use a normal glue adhesive in its place? Well, hot glue certainly has some added benefits to normal glues and adhesives. In this article, we […]

Best Concrete Bonding Agent – Looking at the Best Adhesive for Concrete

Best Adhesive for Concrete

  Concrete has been one of the most important building materials of all for decades. Its areas of application are diverse, making this material interesting not only for industry but also for home users. Not only is the casting of concrete important, but also the joining. For this purpose, various adhesives for concrete are available […]

Best Glue for Acrylic Plexiglass – The Top Plexiglass Adhesives

Best Glue for Acrylic

  Everyone is familiar with polymethyl methacrylate, although not under this name. More familiar is the name Plexiglas, commonly spelled as Plexiglass, which was patented by Dr. Otto Röhm and refers to a material with very favorable properties. However, Plexiglass bonding is not exactly easy, because there are a few things to consider. We will […]

Best Adhesive for Carbon Fiber – A Guide on Gluing Carbon Fiber

Best Adhesive for Carbon Fiber

  Carbon is an expensive but very versatile material that can withstand high loads and is therefore not only used in industry, but increasingly in the hobby sector as well. However, there are a few things to consider when bonding carbon, which we will explain to you below. We will also explain how to use […]

Best Wood Glue – A Guide on the Best and Strongest Wood Glue

Best Wood Glue

  Wood is not one of the most popular materials for nothing, because it has a variety of positive properties. However, it also has some disadvantages, which can affect its level of adhesion. In our wood guide, you will learn how you can use glue for wood and what the best wood glue is for […]

Drywall Glue – Complete Instructions on Types of Drywall Adhesive

Drywall Glue

  Today, sheetrock is one of the most popular materials for interior wall cladding. If you want to cover a wall with sheetrock, you have the choice between two methods: screwing and gluing. This guidebook will show you which one is better and which sheetrock glue you should use.       What Is Sheetrock? […]

Clay Bonding – The Complete Guide to the Best Clay Adhesives

Best Glue for Polymer Clay

  Clay is one of the oldest building materials in the history of mankind. This building material has so many positive properties that it is still extremely popular today in industry and trade, as well as among private users. However, it has various disadvantages, such as with regard to joining, because it cannot be welded […]

Best Heat-Resistant Glue – A High-Temperature Adhesive Guide

Best Heat-Resistant Glue

  For the home user, adhesives that can withstand temperatures of up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) are usually perfectly adequate. However, there are also applications that require higher temperature resistance and thus a heat-resistant adhesive. In this article, we reveal which adhesives are heat-resistant and what you can repair with a temperature-resistant […]

Best Glue for MDF – How to Find the Best MDF Adhesive

best glue for mdf

  Before we can start with the best glue for MDF recommendations, we need to explain what medium density fiberboard is and why one would choose it over other available materials. As we know, there are many options of wood and adhesives out there. It is vital to understand each element you are working with […]

How to Remove Gorilla Glue From Skin – 13 Different Methods

how to get gorilla glue off skin

  Gorilla Glue is one of the best and toughest adhesives on the market today. It is always recommended when something breaks and needs to be mended, as it can stick to almost any surface. The glue is also very easy to mess, however, as if you accidentally spill some on your skin it can […]

How to Remove Wood Glue – Your Go-To Guide for Removing Wood Glue

how to remove wood glue

  When you are working with wood, then wood glue can be an extremely useful product, as it makes working with your wood a lot easier. Wood glue will provide a durable and strong bond, however, removing the glue can be difficult. In this article, we will be giving you a comprehensive guide on how […]

Super Glue vs Epoxy – Which Adhesive Is the Better Choice?

Super Glue vs Epoxy

  Super Glue and epoxy are two types of adhesives that are commonly used around the house or in industrial settings. These powerful glues are often chosen for their strength in DIY projects, as they offer a superior bond and versatile functions. But what is the difference when looking at Super Glue vs epoxy? And […]

Best Glue for Metal to Wood – How to Attach Metal to Wood

best glue for metal to wood

  Whether you are a professional carpenter or just someone that loves arts and crafts, at some time or other you might need some glue that will stick metal to wood. It is important to choose the best glue for metal to wood, as not all glues available on the market will be able to […]

Best Glue for Glass to Wood – How to Glue Wood to Glass

best glue for glass to wood

  If you want to fix picture frames, mirrors, or windows together, then having the right tools to glue wood to glass is essential. Knowing how to glue glass to wood is a fairly simple process as long as you have the right equipment for the job. This is also a highly useful skill to […]

Best Glue for Styrofoam – Guide on How to Glue Styrofoam

best glue for styrofoam

  In order to successfully glue styrofoam, you not only need a little know-how, but also the right styrofoam adhesive. Because if you use the wrong glue, it can happen that the styrofoam simply dissolves. In our glue test and guide, we tell you how to glue styrofoam and which special glue is best suited […]

Best Fabric Glue – Complete Guide for Fabric Adhesives

best fabric glue

  Fabric adhesives, also called textile adhesives, offer the user many advantages from which sewing beginners in particular can benefit. Attaching appliqués or even small buttons is as simple as it is safe. In our textile adhesive test, we show you what you have to pay attention to when gluing fabrics and which fabric adhesive […]

Best Glue for Rubber – Choosing the Right Rubber Adhesive

rubber glue

  Some users will wonder what they could use a rubber adhesive for because rubber bonding is still not commonplace. All too often, objects are disposed of and bought new instead of repaired. But this work is not a problem at all if you have the right adhesive for your application. In our adhesive guide, […]

Metal Glue Guide – Find the Best Glue for Metal

Metal Glue

  There are different methods of joining metal together. The most common one is probably welding. Gluing metal is not yet familiar to many small users, but this method is becoming more and more common in both domestic and industrial applications. Why metal gluing is becoming more and more popular, what you need to keep […]

Ceramic and Porcelain Glue – Guide for Repairing Ceramics and Porcelain

ceramic glue

  Ceramic is a highly important material nowadays. This applies not only to the production of household items, but increasingly to industrial processing as well. Joining this material by means of various processes is therefore also becoming increasingly important. In our adhesive guide, we tell you how you can bond ceramics and which ceramic adhesive […]

UV Glue – Best UV Light Glue for All Projects and Materials

uv glue

  Some materials require a unique adhesive to achieve a stable and durable bond. One of these special adhesives can be a UV adhesive. What is special about this adhesive, for which materials an adhesive with UV light is suitable, and how to use it best, we will tell you in our UV adhesive test. […]

Aluminum Glue – Helpful Guide for Aluminum Epoxy and Other Adhesives

aluminium glue

  Aluminum adhesive joints should be not only stable, but also as durable, inconspicuous, and at best heat-resistant as possible. Gluing paper to paper is child’s play, and it doesn’t matter which adhesive you use. The situation is entirely different if you want to glue aluminum to wood, for example – there are a few […]

Polyurethane Glue Guide – Urethane Applications and Tutorials

polyurethane glue

  There are many different adhesives available on the market which have different properties and are more or less suitable for really firm bonding. One of these adhesives is polyurethane adhesive – an adhesive that can stand out with many favorable properties. But what is polyurethane adhesive? We will explain it to you – in […]

Epoxy Glue Guide – Exploring the Versatility of Epoxy Adhesive

epoxy glue

  If you are a passionate do-it-yourselfer or work professionally with different materials, you will not be able to avoid the question of the right adhesives. The repertoire of adhesives is no longer limited to well-known pens and superglues. For every conceivable application, there seems to be a different type of adhesive – a fact […]